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किडनी और गॉल ब्लैडर से पथरी बाहर निकालने का 3 आसान तरीका I Pathri ka ilaj I Kidney Stone Treatments


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In This video I am going to talk about global issues called stones in kidney or in gall bladder .Pathari ka ilaj home remedies se . Hope you like it and share it with your near and dear who needed this badly good luck
Remedies 1 ) Ingredients needed for instant relief drink
one glass fresh apple juice with one tablespoons apple cider vinegar
Remedies 2 ) Ingredients needed
Hibiscus powder 1/2 tablespoon with Luke warm water for 15/ days
Remedies 3 ) Ingredients needed for
Patthar chatra 3 leaf chew
Remedies 4) Ingredients needed for special drink
1) 10 grams Saunf powder
2 ) 10 grams Sonth powder
3) 10 grams giloy
4) 10 grams amla powder
How to make –
Put 4 ingredients in 4 glass of water boil till water became 1 glass strained and store it in glass jar
How to use :- take two tablespoon in the morning and evening
TOPICS – किडनी और गॉल ब्लैडर से पथरी को निकालने का 3 आसान तरीका
पथरी का इलाज
kidney stones treatment
pathri ko hatane ka tarika
pathri kaise Khatam karen
pathri ka gharelu ilaj
kidney stones ka gharelu upaye
gall bladder stones ka ilaj
holistic health with punita
punita jha

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My name is Punita Jha. I am Beauty and Wellness Consultant by profession and an enthusiast at sharing my knowledge with the world. My channel name is Holistic Health With Punita, the name itself says everything. This is where we empower holistic health therefore, I will give you all secrets of living a healthier life (Best of nature & science) and enriching real beauty (No false promises, just simple & honest beauty) with lots of why’s and how’s. Lots of natural recipes for healthy living. We’ll also discuss detailed information of different lifestyle diseases and cures through natural home remedies and products. I am always open to your suggestion and reaction. Let us know what you’d like to watch next in the comment section and we will update our upcoming contents on regular basis accordingly. I hope you enjoy and learn something through this channel.
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