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11. Dr. Timothy Fong- The Cannabyss Pt 2: An In-Depth Discussion About Cannabis In 2020


Time stamps can be found below. Dr. Thomas Hughes sits down with Dr. Timothy Fong to discuss Cannabis in modern-day United States. He currently works for UCLA trying to educate the public about anything related to Cannabis.

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*This podcast is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider that is familiar with your particular case or circumstances.*

*This podcast is not monetized and no money is being generated from this episode otherwise*

00:00:22- Modern Perception Of Cannabis
00:04:00- Cannabis And Addiction
00:06:20- Brain Development And Cannabis
00:07:25- Potency Of Modern Cannabis
00:12:20- Brain Development And Cannabis
00:14:35- Why Is There Such a Demand For Cannabis?
00:16:00- Cannabis And Psychiatric Symptoms
00:20:30- Cannabis Withdrawal
00:21:30- Positives Of Cannabis Legalization
00:23:40- Big Weed
00:27:30- CBD
00:31:35- Consensus About Health Effects Of Cannabis
00:34:00- Edibles
00:38:30- Wax, Dabs
00:41:25- Where Is The Direction Of Cannabis Research Going?
00:43:20- Vaping Lung Injuries
00:45:00- Closing

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website: cannabis.semel.ucla.edu

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