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420 News Monday 14-12-20


Todays 420 News online now.
Covering the recent announcement from the dept of health regarding the delivery of medicinal cannabis to patients in Ireland.

I cover the story of Joan Leonard from Dublin caught with over €2000 worth of cannabis but had it for her arthritis.
We go to the UK where cannabis was intercepted being sent to Cambodia and also a cannabis grower who was ratted out to the police.

Then to Mexico where legislators there are kicking the can down to road yet again when it comes to ending cannabis prohibition which was found to be unconstitutional.

Up to the US then where I report on Richard DeLisi (71) who served 32 years in prison of a 90 year sentence for cannabis trafficking.

I cover the recent protest in South Africa that seeks again to envoke the peoples constitution because they are being discriminated against by not being given an opportunity to take part in the industry.
“The new cannabis bill that Parliament is busy drafting is not speaking to us, catering for the marginalised. There are licences that are being issued according to an Apartheid Act of 1965, which is not BEE compliant. No black person has a cannabis licence. We are being jailed, beaten up and are suffering because of cannabis. We’re still on the periphery. We are protesting against this modern-day discrimination and exploitation.” -Rastafari United Front president Thau-Thau Haramanuba

Then I finish off with a piece about Jay Z and his new cannabis brand Monogram .

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That’s all for today , I hope you enjoy and come back for more 420 News from Martins World. Live Monday, Wednesday and Friday over on Facebook @4.20pm



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