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420 News Wednesday 28-10-2020


420 News
Today’s show is dedicated to my cousin Ozzie (Daniel Kavanagh ) who died from suicide over 10 years ago.
I use the opening of the show to raise awareness about mental health and suicide its important to talk and there are many helplines out there with people who will talk to you.
Samaritans 116123
Console 1800247247
Aware 1890303302
Pieta House 01 6010000
Teen Line 1800333634
Childline 1800666666

On the show I cover a study looking at chronic stress, depression and the cannabinoid system.
5 States in the US get to vote on Cannabis legalisation
The DEA are looking to hire someone to burn 4 tonnes of cannabis a day.
In Australia 13353 cannabis plants seized and 14 Vietnamese arrested.
In Britain a diversion program will see those in treatment for heroin, cocaine or cannabis avoid prosecution.
John Gilligans arrest comes about because of an attempted hit on a rival gang members daughter.
A man stabbed 16 times over a drug debt or possibly for being a gardai informant
2 charged in the seizure of €7Million worth of Cannabis.

If you would like to support the development of the Cork Cannabis Activist hub the patreon is www.patreon.com/martinsworld

For BitCoin donations follow this link https://checkout.opennode.com/p/597e0e1d-ede6-47be-8d83-854c4237b06e

I hope you enjoy the show.



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