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5 munchy meals for stoners when you’re blazed and confused



Smoking weed and eating go together like Jordan and Pippen. The yin and yang have trouble competing with this dynamic duo. Here are 5 munchy meals for stoners when you’re blazed and confused.

Clam Chowder And Grilled Cheese

Some people love it, some can’t stand it, but have you tried clam chowder with grilled cheese sunken to the depths of your bowl? I’m not talking about your bubbler, trust me on this one. Next time you feel that stomach groan, give this one a try. Get a couple of slices of your choice bread, a few pieces of that sweet cheddar cheese, and grill that bad boy until he’s golden brown. If you can multi-task, get that chowder on the stove during the process. Ok, you got that done, good job, but it’s not over yet. Drop your grilled cheese into the bowl, and pay attention because this is where the magic happens. You cover that grilled cheese in your clam chowder and the job is done.

Yogurt Bowl a yummy snack/meal for stoners

You might think I’m loco for this one but this is another long-time classic meal for stoners. This one is good when you don’t have a lot going on in your fridge/pantry but a few key ingredients can save the day. The ingredients you use depend on your personal dietary restrictions, but it is possible to make this one dairy-free if needed. Step one, the yogurt. I like to go with plain to allow my tastebuds to really grab on to the good stuff. Once you drop a few dollops in, is where it gets really fun. I like it a little sweet and chocolate chips are dynamite in this so get on that. Next, chop up or toss in some fruit of your choice. My personal choice is bananas or blueberries but this is up to you as well. Moving along we will then add something with some crunch, granola or oats that will suffice. Light grazing of some honey will top this munchy meal off just right. Now all you have to do is grab a spoon, or don’t, and dive in.

Perogies, Perogies, Perogies

The polish were really onto something when they first cooked up perogies. With that, there are certain things you can do to maximize their potential. What I’ve found to be the ultimate way to cook perogies goes like this. First, you boil them for a couple of minutes so they soften up a little. After that, you get a pan on some heat with oil and drop those suckers in. Add in some red onion, red and green peppers and fry until everything turns a little golden. If your feeling really crazy you could fry up some bacon, chop em up and drop them on the finished product. A few spices can really help once they are almost done in the pan. Maybe some cayenne or a little greek or Italian seasoning is my pick but that’s up to you.

Macaroni But Make It Fashion

Super original, I know, but when your high and looking for something to eat, this can be a tasty meal for every stoner. So everyone knows how to add milk and butter but have you ever made your kraft dinner fancy? Who says you can’t put lipstick on a pig, this might be one of the best things you put in your mouth. A few add-ons to your mac and cheese can go a long way. I like to saute some onions, maybe even mushrooms, do a little dance, and drop those in once your mixing. Bacon is pretty much delicious on everything so that’s always a good choice but if you’re not into that there’s a few other options. I like to add some fresh chives and cilantro on top with an avocado and some salt and pepper to top it all off. Now the tough part, do you use a fork or a spoon?

The Veggie Sandwich the beat meal for stoners while getting high

The Veggie Sandwich the best meal for stoners while getting high

The four above this one are great don’t get me wrong but who can resist the perfect sandwich after a smoke session? I certainly cannot, the logistics are up to you but here are a few things to get the brain firing. Try lightly toasting that bread so your spread doesn’t moisten up that loaf too much. Nothing worse than a soggy loaf! I think the way you stack ingredients says a lot about an individual. I like to drop a layer of cucumbers on the bottom, next maybe some peppers, layer those puppies on your cukes and we’re in business. Some spinach or lettuce can sit nicely on that stack of veggies and then all you need is a little avo and some cheese and seal it up. Don’t forget to add salt and pepper, now it’s time to make the decision, are you a rectangle or a triangle kind of person?

Lots of fruits

I hope these can help you in times of peril. The times when you just don’t know what to eat and it feels like the most important decision of your life. Let us know what munchy meals you like to eat in the comments below. And don’t forget to follow us @cannalifenet


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