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6 Reasons You Should Build A Grow Tent When Planting Hemp At Home



Hemp growing tent

As laws change and cannabis-dedicated resources increase, the process of growing hemp at home has never been easier. Whether you’re a long-time enthusiast looking to explore your passion, or a beginner gardener in the mood to try something new, growing hemp indoors is simple, approachable, and rewarding. However, growing some cannabis on your windowsill may not bring in the best results. Instead, you’ll need a grow tent to ensure success.

This article explores why you should build a grow tent for your indoor cannabis harvest and how to set one up!

1. Save Space

One of the biggest benefits of a grow tent is space efficiency. A grow box or grow tent will let you successfully raise plants in a corner, a closet, or even a chest of drawers. There are a bunch of good-quality tents on the market that can fit into a small space, according to this roundup of 4×4 feet grow tents, and they’re a breeze to assemble, too! It just takes choosing the grow tent that will fit your living situation and accommodate the number of plants that you want to grow. Remember to opt for space-saving varieties and try not to overcrowd your plants.

Hemp Plant in Tent

When it comes to assembly, make sure that you have all the tools you’ll need, whether they’re spare parts or screwdrivers. Set up plastic underneath where the tent will be so as to protect your floor from water spills or drippage. Next, construct the frame in accordance to the instructions that come with your grow tent and cover it with the cloth exterior. Check the zippers and all fabric surfaces for any defects, and, then, you can move onto installing your light and ventilation set up.

2. Maximize Your Lighting

Even if you got the greenest of thumbs, growing happy plants in the dead of winter can be a real challenge. In a grow tent, fortunately, your plants won’t be subject to finnicky weather or the changes of the season. This means you can grow sunny-Cali-quality hemp in dreary New England, or harvest even in the dead of winter. Some growers even give their plants round-the-clock light to speed up the growing process. Regardless, using a grow tent will help you achieve the ideal lighting conditions for your hemp. Plus, the reflective surface on the inside of your grow tent will help maximize the energy that you can get out of your lights, without breaking the bank on energy costs.

Choosing the right lights will be key to the speed of your plants’ growth and the success of your harvest. LEDs are easy to set up and pretty powerful, plus they won’t generate a lot of heat. Fluorescent lamps have relatively low levels of energy consumption, and also won’t burn your plants. More advanced growers might consider high light yield lamps, such as metal halide lamps, but be careful to place such lamps far enough away from their plants. Most lamps will come with the right mounting hardware and hoods to concentrate the light downward, toward your plants. You’ll also want to bundle electrical cords from the lamps to make your grow tent safer and more organized.

3. Create The Perfect Temperature For Your Plants

Cannabis plants thrive in temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with some being able to make it to 85 degrees. Daytime temperatures that are any higher or lower might cause damage to your plants. Because your grow tent will be well-ventilated, you should be able to maintain a healthy, even temperature. Make sure to install a thermometer or some other kind of temperature gauge to keep an eye on things. Browse Theemeraldmagazine.com to get more key tips on how to create optimal conditions for growing your own cannabis.

4. Get Some Air Circulating

Once you have the grow tent and your lights set up, the next step will be to set up your ventilation system. A good ventilation system for a grow tent helps simulate the flow of air in nature, and will keep your plants happy and pest-free. You already know that plants consume CO2 and produce oxygen during photosynthesis, but did you know that controlling or enhancing the flow of CO2 is a popular technique to improve yields from cannabis plants? The right ventilation system can help you achieve this.

There’s a couple of other ways that a grow tent’s ventilation system will help your hemp-growing project become a success. First, having an outlet vent toward the top of your grow tent will help the hot air that accumulates at the top of your tent to flow out, bringing in fresh, CO2-rich air. Similarly, a ventilation system with a filter installed will help you keep down that distinctive cannabis scent in case your roommates or neighbors come sniffing around.

5. Keep Your Plants Pest-Free

Growing plants outdoors means dealing with plenty of pests that like to munch on your plants. Growing in a grow tent eliminates the risk of your plants falling prey to bigger pests, but you’ll still have to contend with mites, mold, and other potentially harmful creepy crawlies. To keep pests out of your grow tent, keep any pets you have far from your grow setup and make sure to clean your grow tent regularly. You’ll also want to control humidity levels through ventilation and use lights that are bright enough to help you spot any developing infestations.

6. Harvest Some High-Quality Plant!

Like hemp, all forms of the cannabis plant have a wide variety of uses, and you’ll be free to use your harvest as you please (in accordance with your local laws, of course). Once you’ve followed all of the steps to setting up a successful grow tent, tend to your plants and, before too long, you’ll be well rewarded for your efforts!


Due to climate, light, and space constraints that you may be faced with, you might think it’s impossible for you to successfully grow your own high-quality cannabis. Fortunately, a good grow tent solves those issues for you. Follow these key steps to setting up a grow tent and learn why it’s so vital to properly growing hemp indoors!


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