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8 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Made From Hemp – Latest Cannabis News Today



Hemp is a variety of the cannabis Sativa plant, which is known as a good source of industrial fiber, as well as oils and medicine. CBD products that are slowly entering the mainstream market also come from hemp, and more and more users are vouching for the benefits that they reap from it. To take advantage of these benefits, such as pain relief, some delve into CBD edibles, while others go for oils and tinctures. But aside from CBD products, below are some other things made from hemp that you may not be aware of.

  1. Beverage

Yes, there are now various beverages made from hemp or infused with CBD extracts that are being sold in the market. One is hemp beer that is not brewed directly from the plant, but wherein seeds are added to add a distinct flavor. There is also sparkling soda that is infused with hemp flavor, as well as coffee and tea.

Some even come as powdered drink mixes that you can consume hot or cold. You may even be surprised to find hemp-infused energy drinks, as well as cocktail mixers. There are even CBD-infused water now and if you are curious whether it tastes differently, then make sure to try it out.

  1. Food
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You may be unaware that there are already several food products made from hemp. For instance, you may be avoiding tofu because you are allergic to soybeans, or you have a medical condition that is worsened by its consumption. In this case, tofu made from hemp may be the answer to your problems. Instead of soybeans, hemp tofu leverages hemp seeds in its production.

You can also delve into hemp chocolates, which are likewise made from the seeds of the plant. Because this is a healthier alternative than regularly processed chocolates, you will have the chance to snack on a bar of hemp chocolate without the guilt. There is even a chance for you to make your chocolate snack from hemp.

  1. Cosmetic Products


Various cosmetic products are now made from hemp, including makeup and lotions. In this case, the hemp seed oil is infused into various makeup products. Hemp seed oil is believed to be rich in vitamins A, C, and E, as well as in amino acids and antioxidants that are good for the skin. These nutrients are known to fight acne, slow down the effects of aging, and generate smoother and clearer skin.

This is true for a hemp-infused lotion, which leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturized after. The great part is that hemp lotions made from hemp seed oil are considered a sustainable option, unlike the petroleum and mineral-based oils, which are found in most synthetic lotions. Even nail polish and shampoo can already be made from hemp.

  1. Paper
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If you want to save trees, then make sure that you exert the extra effort to look for hemp-made paper. In this case, both the long and short bast fiber of the plant is used to manufacture paper used for stationery, books, and notebooks. Thus, hemp is considered to be a far more sustainable option in making paper compared to trees, wherein only 30% of its cellulose is viable to produce paper, with the 70% eliminated as waste.

  1. Fabric
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More and more fabric manufacturers are already delving into the use of hemp to produce fabrics used for jeans and even undergarments. The great thing about jeans made from hemp is that they are so durable, you will be able to use them for several years, which makes them a more economical and environmentally friendly option compared to jeans made from synthetic fabric. Jeans made from hemp material are also odor and water-resistant, which is why they prove to be the better alternative.

You will also be able to find bags made from hemp fabric, and like your jeans, these will prove to stand the test of time too. The reason behind this is that hemp fiber is known to be one of the strongest fibers in the globe. Its production is also not resource-intensive compared to fabric production using cotton materials, which makes hemp all the more a sustainable option.

  1. Mulch
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If you love to grow plants, then you may be surprised to know that hemp also makes a great mulch material. A mulch is a layer that is applied to the top of the soil to conserve moisture, ensuring that the roots of your plant get the nutrients that they need from the soil. With a mulch made from hemp, your plant will be protected from extreme hot and cold temperatures as it acts as a great thermal insulator. On the other hand, the surface area of your soil will be kept drier, making sure that weeds are kept at bay.

  1. Batteries
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Yes, hemp can also be used to make batteries, and the great news is that these batteries can be made at a thousandth of the cost of making the current battery systems in the market today. Aside from being inexpensive, hemp-made batteries can even outperform contemporary energy storing technologies. This can be a viable solution in the continuous healing of the planet.

  1. Fuel
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Finally, hemp can also be used to generate fuel, such as biodiesel and ethanol or methanol, to name a few. If this grows into a wide-scale, hemp can fuel the world in the future without harming the environment more than how it has already been hurt. Hemp-based fuel is sustainable, too, such that there is little to no chance that it will run out even if the majority of the people and industries already use it.

Several products can be made from hemp, which is why more and more people are already fostering its cultivation. This is made more seamless as various states and countries have already eased up their legislation when it comes to this matter. Thus, expect that the future is bright for the hemp industry, and soon, you may be surprised that the products you have grown to love are already made from hemp.


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