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A Guide To Odds Ratios: What They Are and How To Communicate Them Clearly


Despite being rather counter-intuitive, Odds Ratios are frequently used to report the results of research in the medical and social sciences. Professor David Spiegelhalter explains how they’re calculated, and how to turn them into something more meaningful for effective communication.

?? Links??

RealRisk: a tool for science communicators ?? https://realrisk.wintoncentre.uk/ ??
The Winton Centre’s website: ? https://wintoncentre.maths.cam.ac.uk/ ?
Risky Talk the podcast with David Spiegelhalter: ?️?️ https://riskytalk.libsyn.com/

David Spiegelhalter is a statistician, author and broadcaster. His book THE ART OF STATISTICS is a worldwide bestseller. He was the Winton Professor for the Public Understanding of Risk at the University of Cambridge for many years, and served a term as the President of the Royal Statistical Society.



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