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Autistic Burnout: Defining, Measuring, and Understanding with Dr. Dora Raymaker


Title: Having All of Your Internal Resources Exhausted Beyond Measure and Being Left with No Clean-Up Crew: Defining, Measuring, and Understanding Autistic Burnout

Autistic burnout is an urgent issue within the adult autistic community, attributed by many as the cause of negative outcomes including loss of health, work, independent living, and quality of life. Dr. Raymaker will discuss recent research by the Academic Autism Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education (AASPIRE) to define and measure autistic burnout, and to understand its attributions and impacts. They will also present strategies autistic adults have found useful in preventing or relieving their burnout.

We are funded in part by the New Jersey Governor’s Council for the Medical Research and Treatments of Autism and by the NJ DOH



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