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Avoid Halloween Candy! Easy and Simple Recipes for Stoner Sweets



Halloween is a holiday loved by stoners everywhere because after all, we like to munch out. Between the costumes, fun, horror movies, and candy, stoners love this spooky season. But, many cannabis enthusiasts don’t talk about the true cost of Halloween and what it does to each of us… Living in a world surrounded by delicious, expensive candy can be cruel indeed, especially when you smoke a fat doobie and get a raging case of the munchies. To add insult to injury, you can’t trick or treat to get it for free! Instead, society expects you to buy said candy, keep it in your house, and ignore its presence… until you give it all away, piece by piece on Halloween Night. 

Just how does a hungry stoner face not only the constant barrage of delicious sweets and leave the Halloween candy stash alone and intact? Simple. Make something easy and delicious to eat instead! Here are some simple, non-medicated recipes to satisfy that sweet tooth and help you through the Halloween season.

Candy Glass 

Recipe by Angela Kim

3 Ingredients – Made with a Microwave, parchment paper, or a silicone mat 
1 C – granulated sugar
1/2 C – corn syrup

To infuse this recipe, add distillate to the molten candy before pouring it!

9 Easy 3-Ingredient Desserts

Recipes by Tasty

It only takes 3 ingredients to make one of these 9, super easy, delicious dessert recipes. You can add distillate to infuse these desserts but considering how foolproof and tasty they are, these recipes are great to save for after you are stoned.

Do you have a favorite treat recipe that helps you avoid the Halloween Candy? Please share it with us on our social media!


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