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Ben Fuchs: How Do Cannabinoids Work? (CBD Oil)


“CBD Works! Cannabinoids work!”, Ben Fuchs explains Cannabinoids biological relationship to our bodies hormone profile. “You can have Cannabinoid hormone deficiencies.”

“What is important about this Herb, is that it is very rich in compounds and very important compounds that are almost exactly the same as compounds that are found in your body, specifically hormones that are found in your body. So by ingesting this plant, you can change your hormone profile. It’s like hormone replacement therapy. …It’s a little more complicated than that, but, generally speaking, these plants make hormones that are analogous or exactly the same as hormones your body makes.”

“So what are the Cannabinoid effects? They are relaxing effects. They slow things down. They calm things down in the body. This calming property makes them extremely important for a whole range of health issues, from diabetes to Alzheimer’s to autism to cancer to pain relief to anxiety to digestive problems to inflammatory problems. There’s just all kinds of reasons to use Cannabinoids from plants, particularly if you are deficient and many people are.”

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