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Benefits of CBD and How Medicinal Marijuana Can Help You


I started this documentary in 2017 so all of the footage and interviews were shot back then with exception to some of the B-Roll which I shot recently (February 2019) with my Sony a7rii. The reason why this video took so long to release was because I was waiting approval by one of the key people I interviewed. Without that testimony, this video wouldn’t have made much sense. I finally got the approval for the final edit and slapped this video together.

Most of this was shot with a GOPRO Hero 5 so please excuse the grain, poor color correction, and shakiness. I am by no means a videographer nor do I claim to be. My original idea was to shoot this all on an iPhone and edit it through iMovie which shows you how tech savvy I was willing to get.

This video by no means is intended be used as marketing. CBD and MMJ has completely changed my life and I wanted to share my story. 100% of this video is self funded and I received no money whatsoever in creating this video. I traveled thousands of miles just to put this documentary together in hopes to help educate and inform people of the benefits of medicinal marijuana and cannabidiol.

All footage was filmed on location in California including the cities of Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Orange, Garden Grove, Seal Beach, San Jose, Santa Cruz, and Seaside.


00:00 – My Story
03:22 – Dr. Aury L. Holtzman, MD (As seen on TruTV)
13:48 – Alec Dixon (SC Labs)
33:58 – Glenn Reynolds (Honey B CBD)
39:24 – Kandice Hawes (OC NORML)
True Case Stories
43:30 – Marla James (Life Threatening Diseases)
49:28 – Kari Hess (Anxiety and Everyday Life)
53:18 – Tracy Ikai (Breast Cancer)
58:22 – My Story Concluded

All music featured in this video is royalty free music which I do not own the rights to including:

Alright – Dannyebtracks
Changes – Jurrivh / Syndrome

My main public profile can be found on Instagram @superjaymze
Email: james@vinylbysj.com or vinylbysj@gmail.com



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