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Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs


The Benefits of CBD for Dogs are very similar to those benefits you’ll find in humans, and we’ll cover them in this video!

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Our Favorite Brands of CBD for Dogs

There are a handful of things that CBD is really showing strong signs of treating for humans, and in most cases pets are showing just as good of results.

In this video we are going to focus on the things that have a little more research to back them up, and leave out things that are more human issues or the research so far is very foggy on.

Anxiety is the first thing that dogs seem to really get relief from.
Separation anxiety is a very real thing for many animals, who have no concept of errands or a job.

CBD does a good job in both humans and pets to sooth those anxious feelings and enabling a relaxed state of calm.

Many older dogs suffer from some amount of pain, often related to Inflammation of joints or Arthritis and CBD can help. As we mentioned earlier, this is due to how CBD reacts with receptors in an animal’s muscle and joint tissue.

Unlike many topics related to CBD, we actually have good scientific proof for this topic thanks to one of the studies we mentioned before from Cornell University!

Lastly, something that reduced Anxiety and pain relief both can contribute to is a better nights sleep.

If you’re not sure why your dog is struggling to sleep, and you want to try a natural solution then CBD could help with a problem that is not easily identifiable or obvious to you!



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