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Best CBD Oil Dog Treats -Top Rated Cannabis Edibles


Best CBD Oil Dog Treats -Top Rated Cannabis Edibles

With the new ways to help your dog seek relief for various ailments, as a pet parent, you may want to find out which CBD dog treats are best for your dog. CBD offers a natural health solution without causing any life-threatening side-effects. This medication offers a wide range of benefits to dogs including providing relief for pain, anxiety and stress disorders.

Hence, providing your dog(s) with the right dosage of CBD oil is important. Here are some of the best “weed dog treats” to choose from among the various CBD dog treats.

1. HolistaPet Hemp Dog Treats

HolistaPet products provide various options in hemp for dogs such as the hemp dog biscuits and oil tinctures. The ingredients used are 100 percent natural with organic and vegan products. They offer two flavors for their CBD dog edibles – Yummy Blueberry and Sweet Potato – in addition to other ingredients that help to improve the health of your dog. These edibles come in three different products with some differences in the active ingredients.

2. Treatibles CBD Dog Treats

Treatibles comprises a product that is safe and non-toxic. Treatibles involves third-party lab testing of raw material up to the finished product. Their ingredients are combined with hemp oil hence providing a wide scope of relief to ailing dogs.

3. Canna-Pet CBD Dog Biscuits

Canna-Pet provide their dog biscuits in three varying flavors, all being organic and vegan. These favors include PG&A (Peanut, Banana and Apple), Maple Bacon, and Turkey Dinner. Among all three, Maple Bacon contains the most hemp and has more active ingredients as compared to the other two.

The formula for the hemp is industrial and non-psychoactive.

4. Pharma Hemp Dog Treats

Pharma Hemp provides four varieties of CBD pet treats. Customers are assured by the company of “nonexistent” THC levels in their products. The products come in multiple flavors from which customers can choose.

5. RxCBD Cannabis Dog Edibles

RxCBD offers various CBD products for dogs –and even humans and cats. The chews come in varying sizes with new and enhanced formula. The products are made from human-grade and premium ingredients.

However, before purchasing a CBD dog treat, first consider the condition your dog is suffering from and how the dog trea will help.


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