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BloomMaryJane.com: A New Voice in Global Cannabis Culture



We recently caught up with Scott McDowell the Founder of www.BloomMaryJane.com, check out our conversation below.

Bloom Mary Jane

Q: What is Bloom Mary Jane?
BloomMaryJane.com is a new media platform focused on global cannabis news, product reviews, and artist spotlights. We are at the center of a tight-knit network of entrepreneurs, budtenders, growers, brand reps, lawmakers, artists, and influencers in legal cannabis markets around the world. Our ability to activate dynamic relationships and connect the cannabis community on a global scale with agility, efficiency, and credibility is unparalleled in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing in-depth insider information from the front lines of the cannabis movement.

Q: Can you tell us about your experience working in the cannabis industry?
After relocating to Colorado from NYC in 2016 I started learning the landscape of the industry and building relationships. I have since worked on marketing and sponsorship projects with the Denver 420 Rally, My 420 Tours, Viola, Natural Remedies, Escape Artists, Moon Mother Hemp Co, The Clear, Will Power Products, Made in Shaolin, CBD Luxe, Tikiva Health, Quantum CBD H20 and a long list of ancillary companies. Before working in the industry I have been consuming cannabis for almost 20 years and daily for around 10 years. Cannabis helps me with my anxiety, neck pain, and even insomnia so I have held my medical marijuana card for just over two years here in Colorado. I owe a lot to the cannabis plant and look forward to making an impact with BloomMaryJane.com and doing what I can to break the stigma around cannabis.

Q: What lead you to start BloomMaryJane.com?
I have worked in media for over 15 years in various roles that include advertising campaign creation, event coverage, sponsorship sales and I was even an on-air host. Some of the media outlets I have worked with include the Baltimore Examiner, CBS Sports Radio, The Baltimore Guide, Hotline Radio, DTF Radio, and X101Jamz. During my time working within the music industry, I created a blog titled International-HipHop.com and after 5 years of running the site, I sold it to a larger media group. Ever since getting involved in the cannabis industry, I wanted to build a site to leverage the relationships I built and add value to each company, artist, dispensary, and entrepreneur featured on the site. In all honesty, I also wanted an excuse to travel to other legal markets around the world and experience what is happening on the front lines on a global scale. I figured what a better way to open doors and build relationships than through this new media platform.

Q: What type of content can we expect to see on your site?
We will have a very diverse and honest array of content that will include global cannabis news, product reviews, and artist spotlights. Currently, I’m very excited about one of the feature stories where a couple of black-owned cannabis companies will be writing an open letter to the industry on what it’s like for people of color to work in the industry and how to be more inclusive of minorities. I’m also working on an article with a recording artist/producer in Bali to discuss how he uses cannabis in the creative process and everyday life. In addition to these stories, we are working on product reviews with a couple of companies out of Colorado. Another article in the works is an in-depth conversation with Danny Schaefer the CEO of My 420 Tours to discuss the current and future landscape of Cannabis tourism. My goal for the site is to really merge together the different cannabis communities from around the world. I also want to provide a voice for the industry insiders to be heard so if anyone is interested in a guest article or has story ideas please email Info@BloomMaryJane.com.

Q: Where can people connect with Bloom Mary Jane online?
A: First and foremost www.BloomMaryJane.com, we will have some exclusive offers and updates so I HIGHLY recommend signing up for our newsletter. You can also find us on Facebook; facebook.com/BloomMaryJane420, Twitter; twitter.com/BloomMaryJane_ and Instagram; instagram.com/bloom_maryjane/

Bloom Mary Jane
Scott McDowell @StrategicScott visiting Verde Natural Gardens while on a My 420 Tours experience.


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