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Boro and Beyond #ihelpednature Giveaway Contest



Beat the quarantine boredom and keep the outdoors clean with Boro and Beyond’s #ihelpednature giveaway contest! Pick up trash, post your pics with their hashtag and you’re entered to win!

Local glass maker Boro and Beyond is holding the #ihelpednature giveaway contest to keep our nature and neighbourhoods clean and putting some dope products up for the prize!

Giveaway items up for grabs in the contest are top quality products and accessories from local artisans Legrow Creative, Kind Selections, TruQuartz, and Boro and Beyond. There are only a few days left to get your submissions in – did I add these are unlimited? Pick up as much garbage as you want!

#ihelpednature giveaway contest
Thank nature, and you’ll be thankful too!

Shoutout to all these local creatives with a great incentive to keep garbage out of our favorite spaces in nature. Make sure to follow them all, and follow @CannaLifeNet for more 420 activities and contests.

How did you help nature today? Let us know in the comments!


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