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Breaking News Update – National and Cannabis News for February 22 28, 2020


So what is the coronavirus? Is it a biological weapon or a disease that spread from wild animals in an open market?

Swarms of locusts the size of cities and are moving across entire countries, including Kenya, Somalia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda and Djibouti. Hundreds of thousands of bats are invading Australia.

They say Bernie’s plans are too big and will cost the country too much. But as former U.S. Commerce Secretary under Bill Clinton, Robert Reich says: the cost of not doing something big is even greater.

Consumer confidence rose less than expected in February. The consumer confidence index came in at 130.7 for February, up from 130.4 in January. But economists had expected it to go up to 132.6.

An economics professor at Simpson College in Iowa is under arrest for the murder of her husband.

In the great state of Kentucky recreational and medical marijuana are illegal. But is that about to change?

High Times Holding Corp. has received notification from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) that it has been granted a trading symbol.

From Georgia state lawmakers there are pushing to re-criminalize possession of small amounts of Hemp.

National Football League player Greg Robinson is facing prison time after federal agents said they found 157 pounds of marijuana in his vehicle.



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