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California City California – A Commercial Cannabis Marijuana Mecca? – Cannabis News


There have been several reports following California City and their recent boom from commercial cannabis licensing. If you are wondering where to grow cannabis commercially California City is looking to ride the Green Rush to a new level of economic prosperity issuing more than 130 commercial cannabis cultivation and business permits to date and considering opening up another 100 possibilities to the cannabis industry. This is going to go a long way to boosting a local economy where residents have to come out of pocket to cover budget shortfalls for basic services.

There are a couple things to consider however before you start dreaming of streets paved in green.  We hopped in the truck and headed up to California City to see whats going on. Has building and development started? Is there still space available?  What is the local labor market like? There are a lot of things to keep in mind when looking at a bare plot of land, more so than starting in an established urban area like LA. At least here all the roads are paved.

We get to the bottom of this and more in this special report.  California City: Marijuana Mecca.


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