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Cancer Cure – Cannabis & Cannabinoids,by Robert Melamede,PhD


*** Cannabinoids and tumor inhibition in the news again this week!:
On this video filmed in 2006, Dr. Robert Melamede, Professor of Biology at the University of Colorado, explains how the body’s Endo-Cannabinoid system (and plant based Cannabinoids as suppliment) kills cancer cells and inhibits tumor growth.
Refering to 1974 U.S.government-sponsored study when THC was found to slow growth of cancer cells
and to recent research in Spain finding that THC stopped brain tumors in rats and protected surrounding nerve tissue, demonstrating neuroprotectant aspect of Cannabinoids.
PDF of Dr. Guzman’s research:
Refering to “Homeostatic Regulation” of several body systems by Cannabinoids, Dr. Melamede concludes that Cannabis is indeed a “Miracle Drug”, also recommending hemp oil as excellent source of EFAs the body needs to fight disease.
View Dr. Robert Melamede at 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference:
“Holistic Biochemistry of Cannabinoids”
Dr. Guzman will be at the 2008 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference this April. More info:
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