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Cannabinoid Therapy as a Model for Personalized Medicine | I.Reznik, Cannafest 2015


Presentation by Dr. Ilya Reznik at Cannafest 2015.

Abstract: For more than two millennia medicine has not wavered from its aspiration of being personalized. The medicinal use of cannabis is increasing as countries worldwide are setting up official programs to provide patients with access to safe sources of medicinal-grade cannabis. The word of this century in healthcare and medicine has been “personalized”. More and more pharmaceutical companies are embracing the concept of personalized medicine from research and development to commercialization, supported by electronic records, decision support systems, and tests analyzing specific biomarkers. It is clear that in order for the new treatment methods to receive approval, the methods have to be effective – and to be effective they have to target highly segmented population. There is no reason why the same kind of personalized recommendation methodology should not be used for medical cannabis.
Cannabis therapeutics is a highly personalized ‪‎medicine‬. The right treatment regimen depends on the person and condition being treated. Plant genetics researchers are now racing to map the genomes of many varietal strains of cannabis in order to better understand the genetic variations underlying widely varying levels of THC and CBD. These efforts aim to address the need for reliable dosing and quality control in cannabis plants grown for medicinal use and may also help bring the power of personalized medicine to cannabinoid-based therapies.

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