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Cannabis and Cannabinoids | DYSTONIA FACTS | Prof Tom Warner


In this DYSTONIA FACTS Professor Tom Warner from UCL Queen Square of Neurology London, cover cannabis and the cannabinoid system. Cannabinoids are both naturally found in cannabis and the human body referred to in endo-cannibinoids. Cannabis is known in neurology for its medical benefits such as epilepsy. Access to cannabinoids can be access without the physiological affects. Small trials have been researched to see what effects it would have on dystonia with no real hard evidence directly benefiting dystonia. Although some find it helpful in relaxing and reduction of stress. More trials are might be put in place in the future.

You can join in raising awareness, simply by liking, commenting and sharing the Dystonia Europes posts. As a rare disease, we need all the help we can get. Let’s do this!!! ??

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