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Cannabis and Compliance


As the market for Hemp and Cannabis is exploding there are more and more questions arising on how to stay in compliance with state and federal regulations. As many of you know, regulations differ between states and municipalities, however, there are certain guidelines that everyone has to follow. With the sheer number of regulations and requirements that businesses must follow it is more important than ever to educate yourself so you and your clients can stay in compliance with the current laws and regulations. Maintaining compliance and staying ahead of the curve may be difficult with the constant changes however, it is essential to preserving your reputation and your license to operate. To stay head of the curve you should not only design a compliance program (operations and workflow) that you follow, but also work on staying educated in areas such as HIPPA compliance (for medical marijuana), rules and regulations around storage of information (drivers licenses, social security), backup regulations, and reporting. Watch as Mike and Harry touch on some important compliance issues many businesses are facing.



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