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Cannabis Capitalist Show Explores the Science of CBD & Endocannabinoid Medicine with Dr. Carillo


Dr. Sandra Carillo joins Karen Rands to explain the advancements in understanding how the cannabinoids found in Hemp and Cannabis connect with the CB1 (Neural) & CB2 (Immune) receptors of the human endocannabinoid system as a medical treatment for ailments such as epilepsy, memory loss, pain management, mental illness, and much more. Similar to how long term vitamin deficiency can lead to degradation of organs, bones, and immune systems in the human body, medical research is showing that enzyme deficiencies within the endocannabinoid system is the cause of epilepsy and other neuro-muscular seizures. Advancements in Canna Research is leading the medical community to understand how novel treatments with CBD, with an estimated 156 cannabinoids, interact with the CB1 & CB2 receptors to advance medical treatments for a plenitude of human ailments and suffering.

Dr. Sandra Carrillo is a Specialist in Cannabinoids Based Medicine and the President of the Colombian Medical Association of Cannabis Medicine. She is the Professor in charge of the Scientific Program of Medical Cannabis Faculty of Medicine University of Panama and is working on educational program to train Doctors and Health Care Practitioners , and developing Research protocols around the world. In addition to your medical degree, Dr. Carrillo holds a Masters in Health Services Management , and is certified in Antiaging and Regenerative medicine. Dr. Carrillo has spoken on this topic and her direct experience with CBD as a medical treatment in her clinics the around world with appearances in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Portugal, Malta, United Kingdom and more. To connect with Dr. Carrillo, https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandracarrillomd/

Karen Rands is a recognized expert in the economics of the growth and impact of entrepreneurism and private capital investment. As the founder of the Compassionate Capitalist Movement and the author of the best selling primer for learning how to invest in entrepreneurs: Inside Secrets to Angel Investing. Karen identified the growth of the Cannabis Industry as a new frontier of economic opportunity. The Cannabis Capitalist series within her podcast seeks to educate entrepreneurs and investors about the unique opportunities and associated risks of this rapid growing and complex industry. To learn more about Karen Rands and how her firm helps entrepreneurs and investors create generational wealth, and to sign up for her Compassionate Capitalist Coffee Breaks – refreshing of insights, visit http://karenrands.co You can also learn more about her book and get a free excerpt of 12 of the 46 “Inside Secrets” at http://InsideSecretstoAngelInvesting.com

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