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Cannabis Distributors | NABIS


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In California, ALL cannabis products must be bought through a distributor. Distributors are responsible for making sure cannabis products are compliant in terms of testing, labeling, and packaging. Today we’re joined by Vince Ning from NABIS to discuss California’s unique cannabis regulation model.

NABIS is one of the largest third-party distributors in California.

99% of retailers in California receive products from NABIS.

Check out NABIS on their website “nabis”!

Read more about cannabis distributors by searching “cannabis distributors” on our website “Cannabis Industry Lawyer”!
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16:45 – What is cannabis distribution?
19:50 – What type of license type does NABIS have? 280E
23:25 – NABIS: The Amazon of Weed?
24:50 – Security for Cannabis Distributors
27:50 – Metrc in California
30:40 – California warehouse specifics
31:25 – Environmental controls for cannabis distributors
36:25 – 420 Trends in California
39:35 – What’s next for NABIS?
43:00 – How has COVID-19 affected NABIS?
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