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Cannabis Industry Update: Cannabis Business Taxes, Weedmaps, Cannabis News


In our monthly cannabis industry update, we talk about many topics including cannabis business taxes, cannabis industry news, and take questions from the live attendees.
A list of the questions is below with a timestamp for each question.

Updates with Unlimited Cannabis Licensing (1:12)
Updates on Richmond Patient Group Case & 280E (4:05)
Thoughts on the Weedmaps Subpoena (5:32)
Updates on Canadian Cannabis Bankruptcies (6:59)
Updates on Recent Cannabis M&A Activity (7:53)
What is considered a CoGS? (9:05)
Is it better to start a retail cannabis dispensary or retail delivery right now? (10:08)
How will Out-Of-State Patient Recs Impact the Cannabis Industry in Oklahoma? (13:5)
Considerations on LLC category for cannabis industry investors (14:18)
How much does a license to grow in California cost? (15:33)
What are your thoughts on daily limits of seed purchases? (17:49)
Do you think Texas will pass medical marijuana? (19:39)
What are some tips on tax write-offs for R&D facilities? (21:42)
Is a cannabis testing lab a good investment? (22:56)
Should I start a CBD dispensary before my state opens medical cannabis? (26:20)
What are some tips for International brands to get into the US Market? (29:34)
Thoughts on White Labeling & Margins (31:24)
From a cannabis nursery perspective: Can we deduct clones that don’t survive? (32:34)
I have $80k saved, are there cannabis business loans available for CBD companies? (35:11)

If you need help with your cannabis business or cannabis taxes, then please reach out to us at: https://greengrowthcpas.com/get-started/ or call 800-674-9050.



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