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Cannabis infused skincare by BabaNatural.com


Organic Healing Topicals made from Cannabis sativa seed oil and other natural ingredients to promote healthy skin and body functionality. Cannabis sativa seed oil is a vitamin-enriched oil cold pressed from hemp seeds. It is recognized as a crucial component to high quality skincare. Unlike CBD oil, cannabis sativa seed oil is composed of 90% omega fatty acids, promoting powerful hydrating properties and abundant antioxidants.

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Our Organic Healing Salve

At Baba Natural, our goal is to bring healing to those who suffer from chronic pain and replenish a normal functionality to your body. Baba natural strives to set a standard as one of the premier topical’s in the industry. An all-purpose, handmade healing salve, you can use it for: muscle aches, anti-aging facial rejuvenation, sore feet, chapstick, burn cream, bug bites, dry skin, tattoos, fibromyalgia symptoms, eczema, rashes, period cramps, surgery scars, and much more.

Our healing salve consists of cannabis sativa seed oil, traditional Native American herbs and ingredients consisting of Rosemary, red clover, black gum bark, greenbriar leaf, mullein, yarrow, saw palmetto, African Shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil, almond oil, argon oil, coconut oil, and a blend of natural essential fragrances. Reduced together in a high temperature setting, the ingredients effortlessly blend into a smooth and rich texture to create a super balm that treats any condition.

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