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Cannabis News: Black Market Alive and Well ?


Join us as we explain why the Cannabis Black Market is Alive and Well.

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So, what’s in this video?

The Story:

Why is the black market is still thriving for cannabis in legalized states? Despite the legalization of cannabis in over 11 states across America, the illicit cannabis trade is still thriving in some locations.

What is causing the illicit trade of cannabis to survive in states which have legalized recreational marijuana? Is it the lack of options for legal cannabis? Or has legalization not gone for enough?

One of the many arguments people use for the legalization of marijuana and other drugs is the reduction of the illicit market and violent crimes associated with legal sales, the continuation of illicit marijuana and police raids. Associating with it is providing ammunition for arguments for parties opposed and supporting marijuana legalization.

On the one hand, opposition to the legalization of marijuana uses it as proof that legalization doesn’t deter the illicit market for marijuana. While the pro-legalization supporters are saying that by not going far enough with the legalization of marijuana, you’re never going to completely eradicate the illicit market.

One of the biggest issues facing many states which haven’t legalized marijuana yet in the United States is marijuana. Flooding in across state lines from states that have legalized marijuana.

One of the causes of illicit marijuana. Flooding across many states can potentially be blamed on the west coast cannabis glut… With too much marijuana being produced in states such as California and Oregon, so, on so forth, growers are forced to try and sell the product in illegal markets where their products fetch much higher prices.

One of the potential solutions for this problem is laws, which would allow states that have legalized marijuana to be able to sell excess marijuana to neighboring states that have also legalized cannabis.

However, this would mean the transportation of marijuana across state lines, which is currently illegal at a federal level. Another solution to help combat illegal sales of marijuana for lawmakers is to make it easier for cannabis companies to set up shop.

Currently, many laws and requirements make it extremely hard for cannabis retailers to get established *cough* in Florida. *cough*

Only time will tell, and there will be many missteps along the way. That is one thing you could most certainly be sure of. For more information, check out learnsativa.org and remember, as always…

Knowledge is power.

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