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CannaBiz California: Survive, thrive, and compete as a cannabis entrepreneur.



About this Event

The whirlwind of 2020 has brought with it a renewed focus on the cannabis industry and how cannabis may provide solutions to some of our current challenges. As such, opportunity in the cannabis space is perhaps more evident than ever, and entrepreneurs and investors everywhere are looking to capitalize.

Learn how to survive, thrive and compete as a California cannabis entrepreneur in this special experts panel, brought to you by Seeking Alpha, The University of San Diego and the SoCal Marketing Club.

Our panel of established cannabis entrepreneurs will discuss: 

  • Financial planning for cannabis startups
  • Tips for navigating the legal landscape of cannabis
  • The future of medicinal cannabis
  • What to know about raising capital and partnering with investors
  • How to invest in cannabis and what to look for in cannabis companies
  • Beyond the plant; ‘pick and shovel’ investing opportunities


10:00 – 10:10am: Opening Remarks and Intro

10:10 – 11:10am: CannaBiz Experts Pannel

11:10 – 11:30am: Audience Q & A


Save with Early Bird Admission!

  • Early Bird: $17.99
  • General Admission: $25

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About our Host:

Rena Sherbill, Senior Editor, Host, The Cannabis Investing Podcast

Rena Sherbill graduated from New York University with a degree in Journalism. After starting her career as a teacher and freelance journalist, then working in PR and film, Rena began working at Seeking Alpha weeks before the global economy went bust in 2008. She started the Cannabis Investing Podcast in March 2019 to help inform and educate investors about cannabis and this truly once in a generation opportunity and help push the industry to a more just and profitable place.

Seeking Alpha’s Cannabis Investing Podcast: Provides actionable investment insight and the context to help you understand the burgeoning cannabis industry. We interview C-level executives, scientists, law and sector experts; give you investment ideas to consider, help you think through your investing approach and give you a new lens with which to understand this ever-growing sector.



Dr. Jessica Knox, MD MBA MPH, Co-Founder at ADVENT Academy

Dr. Jessica Knox is a board-certified preventive medicine physician who specializes in endocannabinology and cannabinoid medicine. Along with her parents and sister, Dr. Jessica co-founded Doctors Knox, Inc., American Cannabinoid Clinics, and ADVENT Academy in order to build an endocannabinoidome care ecosystem that is science-based, patient-focused, and equity-driven.

Doctors Knox, Inc.is the official brand of the “First Family of Cannabinoid Medicine,” internationally recognized thought leaders in the care of the endocannabinoidome and cannabis therapeutics. American Cannabinoid Clinics deliver precision cannabinoid medicine to every patient looking for a personalized approach to healing. ADVENT Academy is boldly pioneering cannabinoid medicine education to end the separation between holistic and western medical care, and to redefine how we think about health.


Graham Farrar, President of Glass House Groups

Graham Farrar is a serial entrepreneur and was part of the founding team at Sonos, where he was involved with product design, development and customer support.

He ventured into the regulated cannabis industry by founding Elite Garden Wholesale in 2014, an agriculture technology company focused on developing products for the hydroponics industry.

Farrar opened the first 21+ cannabis store in Santa Barbara in 2019.

He is the President of Glass House Groupwhich owns and operates Glass House Farms 500,000 sq feet grow operations. His list of products include glass house farms, field extracts, forbidden flowers, Mama Sue.. His store fronts include The Farmacy SB, Farmacy Berkeley, The pottery and Bud and Bloom.


Max Simon, CEO at Green Flower

With a vision of building an education company that would change the world’s understanding of cannabis, Max Simon co-founded Green Flower in 2014. Green Flower has since become the industry leader in cannabis education and training, producing thousands of hours of online courses and high-quality video content covering every facet of cannabis today; bolstering a network of over 700 top cannabis experts; powering the cannabis curriculums of multiple Universities across the US; and successfully training cannabis workforces around the world.

Max’s mission to educate the world about cannabis and discredit misinformation reflects his work in bringing meditation and mind-body wellness out of the shadows in the early 2000’s, when he served as Director of Consumer Products for the Chopra Center. For almost 8 years, Max built and ran world-renowned self-help guru Deepak Chopra’s products business; there, he rebranded the company; developed and launched 49 signature products; created their digital marketing strategy; and impacted hundreds of millions of people on- and offline.

Green Flower is also a personal mission for Max, who has successfully used cannabis for over two decades as an integral part of his wellness regime—and to aid in the treatment of his ADD.

Green Flower is the industry standard for cannabis training, trusted by cannabis companies around the world, and endorsed by the leaders who are shaping the industry.

Since 2014, Green Flower has been the global leader in cannabis education, helping millions of people learn about the personal and professional benefits of cannabis.

Utilizing their network of more than 700 experts in cannabis medicine, business, cultivation, retail, compliance, and more, Green Flower produces best-in-class online training and content designed to help people succeed in the cannabis industry.

Green Flower also partners with colleges and universities to help job seekers, law and healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs succeed in the rapidly growing cannabis marketplace.


Wassef Tawachi, CEO and co-founder of Ciencia Labs

Wassef oversees all corporate development, finance and scaling the company’s growth nationwide. Wassef has consulted with some of the largest cannabis brands in California and spent almost 10 years in UHNW investment management.

Dreamtis the award-winning cannabis sleep aid which Vice dubbed “one of the year’s most helpful innovations”. The science-backed formula is a precise blend of THC, CBD, and other natural sleep-inducing compounds, such as melatonin, valerian root, and L-theanine. dreamt is designed to tackle a variety of sleep problems and helps users fall asleep quickly and enjoy a full night’s rest.

Dreamt’s founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Carolina Vazquez Mitchell, created this formula to treat her sleep-related issues. Today, Carolina is a nationally recognized cannabis scientist, has been a featured expert in Rolling Stone, Hello Giggles and Forbes, and was named one of Dope Magazine’s “Outstanding Women in Cannabis.”


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