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CannaEx Trades Company Overview – Cannabis World



The cannabis industry has expanded rapidly over recent years and there are many
branches sprouting in new directions…..Let us help you navigate the best way forward.
CannaEx Trades is a team of highly experienced cannabis specialists that will guide you
through the many aspects; with worldwide industry knowledge and over 2 decades of
experience, working with CannaEx Trades will ultimately translate into better results
for you and your commercial cannabis endeavours.

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Our Philosophy is to work closely with clients and discuss what their long term goals
are so we can advise on the best genetic selection to realise their vision. We cater our services to those who operate on a commercial scale as well as R&D projects.

Canna Ex

We have built up an extensive network covering all areas of the cannabis industry and can
connect you with relevant specialists depending on your requirements.
We understand more than anyone that the cannabis market operates on a global
basis, and that this opens up worldwide opportunities to be capitalized on. Our team
works diligently to ensure we are at the cutting edge of the cannabis industry and stay
up to date with administrative changes, so we can provide you with accurate
information, consultation and an efficient support service.

Our partnership with one of the world’s leading seed suppliers, Sensible Seeds means
that we have access to over 5000 strains and we are networked with the leading
professional breeders to acquire almost any strain on the market, including some
specialist varieties exclusive only to us.


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