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CBD Edibles by Wise Bars (Organic Energy Bars)


Infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, Wise Bar delivers 25mg of CBD to your body’s natural endocannabinoid system. Full-spectrum hemp extract contains all the cannabinoids and compounds of the original plant. No isolated or synthetic cannabinoids. Wise Bars are 100% Organic and compostable!

?Wise Bars are made with 4 core ingredients:
⭐️25mg of CBD

?Here are the non-core ingredients that make all 5 Wise Bars uniquely delicious:

??Apple Pie Bar: Classic flavor, tastes just like a fresh-baked apple pie.
⭐️Dried Apples
⭐️Golden Raisins

??Mexican Chocolate Bar: If you like spicy, this bar is for you.
⭐️Apple Juice Sweetened Cranberries

?⚡️Cashew Lemon Ginger Bar: Zesty and Energizing. I love cashews!
⭐️Dried Lemon
⭐️Ginger Powder
⭐️Crystallized Ginger

??PB&J Bar: Nostalgic!
⭐️Tart Cherries
⭐️Apple Juice Sweetened Cranberries
⭐️Pink Sea Salt

??Tropical Blastoff Bar: Summertime

Learn more at https://www.bestdosage.com/
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