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CBD Oil Massage for pain relief


There’s been so much chatter about cannabinoid products (CBD) as a miracle pain reliever in 2018 but why do you need it and what makes it so awesome?! Learn about its benefits of cbd massage in this video inquire with your massage therapist about upgrading your next massage with cbd oil.

Here’s a few highlights to note:

1. It relieves the pain WITHOUT the high.
2. It will work on just about any kind of pain there is.
3. It works within just a few minutes.


CBD oil massage can be found at these prestigious spas:

Pacific Waters Spa – Hyatt – Huntington Beach, CA
Laguna Cliffs Spa and Resort – Laguna Beach, CA
The Edgewater Hotel and Spa – Madison, WI
Gene Juarez Salon and Spa – Bellevue Washington
Sego Lily Spas – Utah
Midtown Athletic Club – Chicago
and many more…



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