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CBD that is 400% more efficient using Liposomes


Jamie is a CBD consultant for http://nhancelife.com

Breakthrough – scientists create CBD oil which is up to 400% more effective than standard CBD oil

Scientists at world-renowned Cibdol have transformed the administration of CBD oil making in it up to 400% more effective than other CBD oil.

Many cannabinoids are destroyed by the body

The sad fact of the matter is, that when you take CBD oil, much of it is destroyed by the bodies digestive system. This is not restricted to just CBD oil, but many types of oral medicine.

CBD oil placed under your tongue and CBD which is vaped are more effective methods of administration but they are still not ideal. CBD capsules can sometimes only deliver 10-20% of the beneficial cannabinoids into your blood stream. This is not so bad with vitamin C tablets which is inexpensive to produce and therefore, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it all in as the doses to start with are really high.

It does matter however when the oils are expensive to produce and more valuable, like CBD oil.

Scientific breakthrough of CBD administration

Using cutting-edge science, CBD scientists have combined CBD oil with liposomes which helps the body absorb CBD much more efficiently than conventional CBD oil.

Liposomes are tiny things, with a diameter of roughly 200nm (nano meters.) They are so small that lining up 375 of them next to each other would equal the width of a human hair. The are especially useful at getting medicines into the blood stream and by-passing the digestive system.

Cibdol’s Liposomal CBD formula has been designed to replicate the same cells as the ones found inside your mouth. This means they interact well together and absorb into the cell membranes of your mouth efficiently.

Liposomes are used to carry drugs and other substances directly into tissue and act as a vehicle for the administration of nutrients. Liposomes act as a ‘protective’ skin around the cannabinoids and allow them to be absorbed directly into cell membranes and pass through the digestive system unharmed.

Why Liposomes are more effective for CBD users

When you digest CBD you lose many of the beneficial compounds. This is the reason why it’s more effective to use CBD oil and vape than CBD capsules for example.

For anything to be digested in the human body, it first needs to be turned into a liquid. The liquid then passes through the digestive tract of the body. The human body is exceptionally good at absorbing nutrients, vitamins, water and other therapeutic elements. This is how the human body gets it’s ‘fuel’ from from food and drink. However, the human digestive system is not so good at digesting compounds such as CBD. In fact, only a small amount of CBD is absorbed which means that most of those beneficial cannabinoids are being totally wasted.

Introducing, the unique power of Liposomes

Liposomes are a scientific breakthrough that allow CBD to pass through the digestive system unharmed. A liposome can carry compounds and penetrate directly into tissue and cell tissue walls. This means CBD (and other cannabinoids) are absorbed much easier and quicker. Also, much more of the cannabinoids are utilised and less wasted.

What are the main benefits of using Liposomes with CBD?

Liposomes are a fantastic way to enhance your CBD experience. By using a solution such as Cibdol’s Liposomal you;

* Allow the CBD to pass through your digestive system unharmed, unlike normal CBD

* Get the CBD into your blood stream faster which is fantastic for pain relief or anxiety

* Deliver cannabinoids directly into your bodies cells

In fact, the CBD assimilation into your blood is almost immediate.



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