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CBD Treats For Dogs


Julianna Carella is the creator of Treatibles, a hemp infused dog chew. At Weed Week PDX SmuggleVision chatted with her about CBD as treatment for multiple health issues encountered by dogs. She also discusses her training program for veterinarians and offers advice on what to do in cases of accidental dog THC overdose.

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0:00 Every single animal except for insects have an endocannabinoid system
and would respond to cannabinoids. So treatable is a company that I started
about four years ago in California and we started treatable because a lot of people
that were using our other product line which is a THC human edibles product line.

0:22 they wanted to get these products for their animals and we wanted to make something
that was going to be a better formula for animals and so we started treatable as a superfood wellness chew basically that is infused with hemp derived CBD and other .

0:40 this is a long list of verified conditions that are actually addressed by cannabis based on documented research.

0:49 it’s a tricky tricky thing to educate on because veterinarian see first what
happens to a dog when they have too much THC and so they may not be inclined to look at it closely enough to see that there’s other compounds in the plant that are actually really good for dogs and animals.

1:10 and so we spent a lot of time educating the public and I actually educating veterinarians and all type of animal practitioners in general about the difference between CBD and THC and what’s an appropriate dose because they have receptors in the brain system.

1:36 so if an animal is accidentally ingesting a THC product now you would want to bring the animal to the veterinarian and get them checked out especially if they consume like a chocolate product you know obviously that could be toxic and

1:51 but if you don’t have that opportunity and you do have some CBD on hand it’s really a good idea to give like 25 50 milligrams of CBD alone and that will help to counter the effects of the thc

2:07 so may be thinking yourself how doctors don’t know this, well unfortunately
we’re still in this stage in history where politics is taking in the research.



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