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CBD Yummy Gummies – Hemp Extract CBD Edibles


Hi! Welcome to Green Garden Gold. Today we’re talking about our Yummy Gummies and how they are a delicious and easy way to get your daily supplement of CBD. Let’s start off with what’s inside. Each package of Yummy Gummies comes with two big delicious gummies that contain 30Mg of naturally occurring CBD in each. You can take a whole gummy or just a piece of one each day depending on your desired intake. You might be wondering what these gummies are good for, whether you’re dealing with pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, or poor sleep, CBD gummies are a fun and effective way to consume the beneficial properties of natural hemp-derived CBD.

People are turning to CBD gummies around the world for their anti-inflammatory properties. This is because CBD targets the body’s CBD2 receptors that are in our immune cells, rather than the CB1 receptor’s THC effects that are found in the brain. Yummy Gummies are also used by our customers to sleep more soundly through the night. Taking a gummy after dinner can help with digestion, and getting to sleep easier for those of us who struggle turning our brains off at night.

The most popular use for our gummies is simply for a better sense of well being. People find themselves more relaxed, less worried, and motivated to tackle daily life challenges. And, did we mention they are perfect for on-the-go. With Green Garden Gold you can be sure you’re getting nothing but the best! Our CBD hemp oil is Co2 extracted, then sent to a state-of-the-art FDA certified facility where it’s then blended with natural flavors and ingredients. Thanks for watching! You can check out our website at www.greengarden gold.com to learn more about our Yummy Gummies. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to keep up to date with everything CBD from experts here at Green Garden Gold.

Pick up a bag of our CBD Yummy Gummies and relax. They are a fun and effective way to consume the beneficial properties of natural, hemp-derived CBD. These CBD edible gummies come in delicious flavors and are packed with 30mg of naturally occurring CBD. Order yours from Green Garden Gold today!

We have just repackaged our Yummy Gummies and have 24 count bags as well!




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