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Copaiba vs CBD what is the lowdown?


Get the low down on Copaiba, how it compares to CBD and it’s uses and benefits!

I have received a LOT of questions about CBD oil recently with it being legal in SA and if dōTERRA will launch a CBD oil.

In short… No. There are regulatory and purity concerns around CBD. Also, the manner in which it works in the body is still not fully understood by science. However, the action of Copaiba is 100% understood and so are the phenomenal effects of the essential oil. dōTERRA will not sell anything that is not fully backed by science and 100% pure.

Dr Hill, one of the founding members of dōTERRA said “CBD oil has some challenges that remain for us. We are not providing this for you. We will not go against our own standards. We are about Copaiba.”



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