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Crafting Standard Operating Procedures for Ontario Cannabis Retail Dispensaries



Standard Operating Procedures

The success of any business is usually a cumulative effort of many different departments within the organization. Running a business venture with several employees can be somewhat challenging. To ensure an organization runs efficiently, many business owners create the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that helps in the day to day operations. The purpose of having an SOP is to ensure efficiency, profitability, and compliance.

The standard operating procedures for Ontario retail cannabis stores are similar to any other SOP, covering a range of things including the governing regulations and various technological input. A number of cannabis dispensary regulators usually neglect or have poorly structured SOPs. This normally leads to a substandard performance by such companies.

Standard Operating Procedures are what separates a successful venture from a struggling one. Here are some of the roles it serves in a business venture.

Facilitates The Compliance of a Business

Not only do Standard operating procedures clarify the expectations of a company, but they also assist employees to perform their duties in a manner that conforms with the set regulations. Furthermore, they can also shield the business owner in the event there is a compliance violation due to an employee’s mistake.

The cannabis industry normally experiences numerous changes in its regulation. Thus, having a thorough SOP can help you stay updated with the changes since it’ll be easy to reform the documentation.

Increases Efficiency

Having an SOP in your business can help in improving the working experience of your employees. your workers will be able to do tasks faster and efficiently, thereby increasing the profitability of your business. Standard operating procedures can also aid you when hiring new employees. They serve as great training modules, thereby helping with the on-boarding process.

Brand Purposes

The cannabis dispensary industry is a very lucrative sector; this has actually been a contributor to the steep competition that’s currently being experienced. In order to stay ahead of the game, your brand has to stand out from the rest. SOPs can be very helpful in achieving this especially when you’re running multiple stores since all your stores will have uniformity.

How to Formulate a Standard Operating Procedure

Having seen the different roles of SOPs, here’s a detailed explanation of how to formulate one for your cannabis retail dispensary in Ontario.

Observe Conciseness

The clearer an SOP is, the better your employees will be with its implementation and execution. You should ensure that the documentation contains simple, direct, and concise language. Every employee should know what the SOP entails and how to accurately perform such tasks. Including step-by-step details will go a long way in ensuring tasks are carried out accordingly.

Implementing the SOPs

One helpful function of an SOP is it helps in implementing new tasks and ideas. Furthermore, it can also inform you whether the new task contributed to any significant change. If the desired outcome wasn’t achieved, you can always tweak the SOPs until you finally achieve your goal.


A good SOP should be as comprehensive as possible. It should touch on every department irrespective of how significant you think that area is. Some of the things a standard operating procedure should aim to solve include the steps required in carrying out particular tasks, the specific time the jobs should be done, and addressing the health and safety concerns among other things.

Borrow from Existing Structures

It’s very important to structure your SOP from your real-work environment. Industry experts such as lawyers, technical writers, and consultants can help you to come up with a solid plan. Still, as the business owner, you know every element of your business better than anyone else. Ergo, you can reach out to each and every employee in various departments to hear and implement their contribution as well.


Standard Operating Procedures play a very indispensable role in a business venture. They can greatly assist any new enterprise to attain profitability quickly, besides ensuring that they follow every regulation that has been stipulated. Given the highly competitive nature of the cannabis industry, SOPs can help new and existing owners of cannabis dispensaries to create their own unique brand, thereby standing out from the rest. Even though standard operating procedures entail a lot more than the things mention above, they still serve as a good guideline when creating your one.


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