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Dr Teh & Dr Rickcord challenge old medical paradigms and usher in a new era of plant medicine


Dr Rickcord and Dr Teh both see many patients who are taking a laundry list of different medications, which in some cases can do more harm than good as they treat symptoms instead of underlying cause.

This is where cannabis medicine differs, it works to stabilise and harmonise the human endocannabinoid system so that a patient’s ability to fight of disease becomes more robust. Given the extremely high safety profile of cannabis, it seems like a logical step to trial plant medicine as a first line treatment with patients.

Currently patients need to have tried conventional treatments such as prescriptions before they’re eligible for cannabis medicine. These fine doctors know that this needs to change.

If you are interested in discussing cannabis medicine as a treatment therapy, you can schedule an appoint with either one of these amazing doctors at their clinics in Australia.

Dr Teh – PlantMed – https://plantmed.net.au
Dr Rickcord – Ananda Clinics – https://anandaclinics.com.au


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