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EDIBLES ( Episode 5 of 5). Written by & starring @Alex Ellis and Carly Jibson


Why won’t anyone listen to the #edible guru?! You MUST ALWAYS wait 45 mins. before proceeding (preferably on an empty stomach 🙂 wink wink.

Directed by @Christine Lakin . Edited by Blake Reigle.

(This short, anthology style mini-series is a labor of love that Alex and Carly shot last year, before the world shut down. We wanted to showcase some REAL bitches dealing with REAL life and the struggle of trying to find that happy place between “Girls” and “Golden Girls.” We’re all messes, we’re all doing the best we can and it’s time we just fucking TALK ABOUT IT! We hope you enjoy this little series as much as we enjoyed writing and creating it!)


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