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Game On: It’s Time to Invest in Cannabis


This week’s Marijuana Market Update brings great news for those looking to pull the trigger on investing in the cannabis sector.Matt Badiali breaks down a chart of the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index ETF (Toronto: HMMJ). After bottoming mid-March around $4.81, HMMJ has risen to about $6.67 — a 39% rebound.And Aphria Inc.’s (NYSE: APHA) sales soared in its most recent quarter, another strong indicator for the marijuana market.But the reasons for investing today go beyond chart wiggles and encouraging numbers. So, tune in now for your full forecast! And see why it’s “game on” in the cannabis sector.

In this video you’ll find:
0:08 — Good news for cannabis investors — game on!
0:52 — Chart of Aphria (NYSE: APHA).
2:10 — Best buys today.
3:26 — Red flags when researching cannabis companies.

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