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Grass Roots – The Reality of Cannabis Legalisation


New Zealand is going to vote on cannabis legalisation ?

So in a world full of misinformation and fear mongering I decided to search out the truth and provide a window in to the reality of cannabis legalisation at the grass roots level.

Words are not enough. You have to see it to truly believe it.

Whats is cannabis?
How is cannabis grown?
What are the different types of cannabis?
How does cannabis effect the human body?
What are the medical benefits of cannabis?
What are the economic effects of legalising cannabis?
What will happen if New Zealand legalises cannabis?

All of these questions are answered in this film.
If you learnt something new from watching this please share this with your friends and family who need to see this too.
Education is the answer.
If you don’t know, you don’t know.
So let us work together and use the power of social media to teach.

We need to help each other learn the truth before it is too late.
19th September
Make your choice an educated choice

All in Love



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