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Grow Your Own CBD Culture


For anyone interested in applying their creative mind to their own mental and physical health, I want to start a collaborative effort to define what it means to incorporate CBD as part of the home environment. I’m starting with the idea of CBD as a hobby since hobbies are one of the things we do at home. Hobbies can also be part of taking care of ourselves (mentally and physically). Thus, hobbyCBD.

Maybe ‘hobby’ isn’t the right place to start? Maybe think of CBD cannabis as home decor? Maybe home ‘smell’ decor? Maybe CBD cannabis plants could be something culturally seasonal like how Christmas trees smell up the whole house for a couple of weeks a year?

Now that CBD cannabis (hemp) is completely legal in all 50 states, are we going to live with it? How are we going to live with it? Or, are we going to treat it like a product from a far away pharmaceutical company (like aspirin, etc)? What about the ‘undiscovered’ 111 other cannabinoids that come from the plant (excluding THC). (THC marijuana is cool but not legal in all 50 states and has a somewhat defined culture already. I’m talking about cannabis plants that don’t get you ‘high.’)

Is CBD something that won’t be culturally appropriate to make in the home? It is technically feasible to make it at home (as technically feasible as it is to grow your own tomatoes) but will people see it as something they don’t want in their house? In their backyard? on their porch? I don’t know. What do you think?

Also, people may want the finished product but do they want the plant? Will they want to style the finished CBD product to their own taste? Will they want to style to the plant? To some certain aesthetic? I don’t know. What do you think?

It seems to me we—you and me and whoever else—have an excellent opportunity to think through and then start the process of creating a truly new culture around something you could bet on being with us in the future. CBD cannabis is technically feasible to work with at home. It produces something of value to individuals, friends, and family. So, there is a lot of value there. People are just beginning to decide for themselves how that value is going to be integrated into their lives.

That is all to say, what CBD cannabis is today is a function of its prohibition past. What we can do here is start the work of defining what CBD cannabis will be in the future—a future where our relationship to CBD cannabis is not defined by the blunt result of rather foolish and prohibitive restrictions.

What are your thoughts?



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