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Hardcore OG Strain >> Complete Guide & Review!



Few strains can be genuinely called “hardcore,” but Hardcore OG lives up to its name. This heavy-duty cannabis strain is designed for the cannabis connoisseur. THC levels on this strain averages between 24% and 28% and can reach even higher. It’s perfect for anyone who wants an intense, euphoric high that’s impressively cerebral. Meanwhile, the body high leads you directly to couchlock, keeping you ready for long night-time conversations. 

The Hardcore OG strain was developed by crossing Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry, leading to a tasty but seriously intense 80/20 indica-dominant blend. The indica heritage comes through strong, with a weighty body buzz that can help anyone unwind. 

The indica heritage also makes Hardcore OG weed a favorite among medical users. The intensity of the strain addresses aches and pains that milder strains can’t touch. Fight everything from depression and anxiety to chronic pain and soreness with Hardcore OG.

Sativa/Indica % Indoor Yield Outdoor Yield Flowering Period
20% / 80% 16-18 ounces per square yard 20 to 24 ounces per plant 8 weeks indoors, early to mid October outdoors.

Information about Hardcore OG:

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Information about Hardcore OG Strain:

ORIGIN Big Bud and DJ Short Blueberry
EFFECTS buzzy, fuzzy head high
ADVERSE REACTIONS (NEGATIVE) intense feeling of sleepiness
FRAGRANCE blueberry, citrus, and tropical scents
FLAVORS honey and tea essence
FLOWERING TIME OUTDOORS early to mid October
PLANT HEIGHT 5ft indoors, 6ft outdoors
THC CONTENT % 24%-28%
CBD % < 1%
INDICA / SATIVA % 80% / 20%
INDOOR YIELD 16-18 ounces per square yard
OUTDOOR YIELD 20 to 24 ounces per plant
CLIMATE warmer climates


effects of hardcore og

Everyone who tries the Hardcore OG weed strain feels it nearly immediately. Within moments of the first puff, the buzzy, fuzzy head high hits, leaving users euphoric and interested. The buzz starts from the face and quickly spreads throughout the body, bringing smiles and laughter with it. The result is a perfect mood for a long night hanging with friends and watching movies – plenty of snacks included. 

The body buzz follows right on the heels of the head high. It expands throughout the body, leaving tingling and complete relaxation in its wake. The sedating effect of this strain leads to users feeling deeply in love with their couch, and most stay put for the rest of the night. The combination with the head high leaves users melted into their seats and happy about it.


Just like its parent strain DJ Short Blueberry, Hardcore OG has a heavily blueberry smell. There are also hints of spicy herbs to add some interest to the scent profile. 


The taste of Hardcore OG weed stays fruity, but there’s a surprise honey and tea essence in this sweet, spicy blend. The exhale includes a heavily herbal taste that helps round out the flavor into something truly delicious.

Adverse reactions

Just like many hardcore things, it’s important not to underestimate Hardcore OG. Its fantastically high THC content makes it ideal for the serious toker, but it’s not for new or infrequent smokers. It’s easy to overdo it. The biggest sign that you might have exceeded your limits is an intense feeling of sleepiness. Luckily, you’ll probably just fall asleep, unlike when you overindulge with other high-THC strains. Many users recommend starting with half of your normal amount and increasing from there, just to make sure you’re awake for your night.


The recreational aspect of Hardcore OG is a serious benefit, but there’s more to it than fun times. The therapeutic side of this strain can work magic on even the most stubborn dark moods. The sheer bliss that Hardcore OG supplies overwhelms negativity, leaving doom and gloom in the dust. Daily worries and stresses melt away into nothing. 

PTSD and OCD also see great improvement with this strain. The profound relaxation and euphoria help to break anxious, repetitive thought cycles, which these disorders are known for. The result is more pleasant thoughts taking over, leaving users free to relax. Everything from tension headaches to back pain will ease while tight muscles let go for a while. Chronic stress sees similar benefits as users forget their struggles. High THC strains like Hardcore OG also have anti-inflammatory properties. Even cancer patients can see their worst pain days reduced while Hardcore OG weed is in effect. 

Finally, insomniacs everywhere will love Hardcore OG. The sedating effects can help knock out even the most sleepless. The intense couchlock helps people unwind enough to find the sleep they need. Many insomniacs find themselves nodding off as the high winds down, heading straight off to dreamland. 

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Growing hardcore OG strain

Finding Hardcore OG growing information can be a struggle because it’s still relatively new on the scene. However, there are some things that we do know!

Hardcore OG’s parent strain Big Bud is well-known for its incredible harvests. Combined with DJ Short Blueberry, it’s likely that the strain is a strong producer that reaches a moderate height. Both parent strains tend to reach four to five feet tall indoors, and up to six feet outdoors. They remain bushy, with lots of dense foliage. 

As a result, you’ll need to keep an eye out for powdery mildew and spider mites. These pests like dense, still areas. Lollipopping your plants and keeping airflow throughout your grow will help keep your yields high and pest-free. 

When it comes to training, Hardcore OG will probably respond well to low-stress training. The bushy nature leads to plenty of colas for you to train into Screen of Green growing, helping you get the most out of every plant. The result is an even canopy with plenty of light at every bud and a quick harvest. 

Flowering Time


Indoor grows are a great option for Hardcore OG. Look for a harvest in about eight weeks, with yields of 16-18 ounces per square yard. 


For growers in the northern hemisphere, the harvest is typically ready in early to mid-October. The Hardcore OG cannabis strain will bush out quickly, so be ready for impressive yields. Well-pampered plants can result in harvests of 20 to 24 ounces per plant. 


  1. Big Bud
  2. DJ Short Blueberry

FAQ About Hardcore OG Strain

What is the Hardcore OG strain yield?

Hardcore OG yields 16-18 ounces per square yard indoors and 20 -24 ounces per plant outdoor.

How much THC does Hardcore OG have?

Hardcore OG strain reaches THC concentrations as high as 24-28%.

What are the origins of the Hardcore OG strain?

Hardcore OG originated from both Big Bid and DJ Short Blueberry strains

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