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Hemp, CBD and the medical aspects of marihuana with Hal Lewis


Marijuana, a natural treasure which many may resist, but which is making its way to treat people’s health issues around the globe. The ones who resist it are those who still link it to “pot” or drug use. In reality, Marijuana grows from this earth and even though it had plenty of mis use, we believe this is the time when is finally industrialized and accepted to treat plenty of diseases which otherwise wouldn’t have other sources of relief. Such as plenty of pains derived from inflammations for example. Hal Lewis created LEAF of LIFE to help his family and now after years he serves the ill community with his multiple types of products. And please join us in our Facebook Group WHO AM I, which is focused on YOUR personal values. Together here we BUILD each other with each other’s values. www.facebook.com/groups/reshapeyourselfimage/



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