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Herbal411 Podcast with The Cannabis Coaches of Mix2UR


1-Applying 00:54
1b-Applying for the 1-3 yr card 03:24
1c-Applying for the 90 day card 04:26
2-The Dispensary Experience 07:18
2b-New Cannabis vs The 80’s 08:18
2c-Dosing Cannabis with your Meds 10:02
2d-Learning before you go to Dispensary 12:12
2e-Your are Not On Your Own (shopping) 15:08
2f-Don’t Freak Out Going Shopping (at dispensary) 16:08
2g-Recreation vs Medical Cannabis Dispensary 22:08
3-Combination Therapy 24:04
3b-Going to a Cheap Pot Doc to Get Certified 27:52
3c-Hemp CBD from the Store vs Medical Cannabis 35:13
4-Medical Cannabis Speed Bumps 35:52
5-Cannabis in Health and Wellness 42:28
5b-Microdosing 43:14
5c-Our Product Mix2UR 44:44



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