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How Can the Suez Canal be Blocked AGAIN!!?


The Suez Canal got blocked again…………………. for 15 minutes and it’s been a click-bait festival ever since.

00:00:00 – Timestamps
Cup of Coffee In The Big Time
00:02:17 – Fun Fact – A discussion of human skin and the potential value therein to fetish guys
00:04:20 – Today’s Holidays & Observances
00:06:55 – Today In History
00:08:27 – Honorable Mentions – Matrix 4 Trailer, Biden Suing Texas, Andrew Yang is Launching His Own Political Party
00:13:38 – #3 – Suez Canal Blocked Again
00:17:21 – #2 – The Covid Bonanza
00:22:46 – #1 – Football is Back!!
00:27:43 – Stealthing – A Dangerous Trend – Mark tells us about the new legislation against “Stealthing”, AKA secretly slipping a condom off before sex with an unknowing partner.

TikTok International Moment
00:42:53 -New Zealand – The Prime Minister of New Zealand addressed a reporters question about whether or not having sex with a Coivd19 patient in a hospital is “dangerous behavior”
00:44:54 – Mexico – The Mexican People Recently Thought The Apocalypse was Coming
00:48:18 – California/Switzerland – The Hitman That Offered to Kill Kobe’s Accuser for $3million
00:52:53 – Florida – Two Teens Arrested For Conspiracy to Throw Slushie

00:57:00 – Listener Voicemails & 5 Star Reviews

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