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How Does Topical CBD Help Pain and Inflammation? CBD Balm and Cream


CAN CBD BALM STOP PAIN? The skin absorbs and stores nutrients from what we put on it, including topical CBD balm and cream. A specific part of the body can be targeted for a more localized approach, focusing the cannabinoids and its benefits precisely where needed.

Sometimes our digestive system can stand in our way. When you take some kind of oral supplement or an oral compound, you have a level of degradation that occurs simply because your digestive system breaks things down.

If you have a specific area where you’re trying to get some relief, let’s say in the way of maybe some stiffness or anything like that, well, CBD can work in a transdermal topical form, and because it ends up skipping that oral degradation and that gut biome degradation, you might have a better chance of relief at that given area.

A lot of the pain in our body can be indirectly or directly triggered by what is called inflammation. Now, one of the unique properties of CBD is that it helps promote the healthy modulation of inflammation within the body. So, what that means is that it works upon inflammatory cytokines, things that would normally trigger inflammation, and a lot of times you’ll have these inflammatory cytokines or have inflammation at a localized source.

So, in essence, if you use some kind of topical, it makes it so you could potentially directly affect that inflammation at that very spot. You see, one of the major roles of CBD is that it slows the cytokine production of immune cells. So, when you take it orally, you’re working at a systemic level, but when you take it topically, you’re working at the very topical level, although you do have some effect that still trickles down to the system overall.

Now, additionally, CBD is unique because it activates what is called the TRPV receptor. Okay. This TRPV1 receptor is also known as a vanilloid receptor, and it controls a cell signaling protein, if you will. So, it controls this mechanism from the top down, as far as inflammation is concerned, which is pretty neat. So, when you’re looking, again, at the modulation of inflammation within the body, this could be a really cool way to target some of your joint pain, maybe some of your stiffness, things like that.

So, when it comes down to utilizing CBD for a specific thing within the body, a topical CBD might just be the solution for you. So, there are a lot of ways that CBD can affect different things within the body from an anti-inflammatory standpoint, acting upon endocannabinoid receptors like CB1 and CB2.

But when it comes down to brass tacks, being able to directly impact where your pain points are, or directly impact where you’re having some bothersome issues, that might just be the quickest line from point A to point B.

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