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How to Build Your Cannabis Personal Brand (with Kymb Bynes)


KymB is an entrepreneur, fitness influencer and staple in the NYC cannabis scene. A cofounder and CMO of Tribe Tokes and the mastermind behind TRIBEAUTY their signature CBD eye cream (that works wonders!).
Kym has eloquently straddled a balance between the emerging regulatory market and the underground cannabis scene. She has been an ambassador for WomenGrow NY, Vice President of Community for Cannagather, on the Advisory Board at The CAnnabis World Congress & Business Expo and a member of the NYC Cannabis Parade Committee.
In this episode, we will talk to Kym B about how she used cannabis and fitness to pull her self up from tough times, how she was able to build her network can community using existing platforms and ultimately how she has been able to help grow TribeTokes and TribeBrands from NYC.

Kym B
Website: https://tribetokes.com/
Personal Website: https://cannabiswithkymb.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tribetokes/
instagram Personal: https://www.instagram.com/highitskymb/

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