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How to Make Cannabis Coconut Oil



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The term “cannabis coconut oil” triggers me for good. I always think of one of the greatest duos of the American television series. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad!

You must be thinking about the link between the two. Well, there certainly is. While cbd in the cannabis coconut oil is strong as Heisenberg, coconut in it is smooth and calming as Jesse.

As you see, two ingredients are making a fantastic collaboration here to give something as brilliant and genius as cannabis coconut oil. White and Pinkman, both were the key ingredients to meth too.

Isn’t it great how you just need two ingredients to make something as good as meth? Arghhh! I mean cannabis-infused coconut oil. Now you know why I love this analogy, don’t you?

But the point is: you can be Walter and Jesse of your kitchen.

If you’re wondering what’s it you can cook as precise as meth, I will give you one good recipe to make you Walter and Jesse of your kitchen. Well, it’s obvious. I’m talking about Cannabis coconut oil recipes.

Should you think you’re not an expert, let me tell you four appealing facts about this recipe. Trust me; you’ll abandon whatever you’re doing right now and run straight to your kitchen.

Reason number one… the cbd coconut oil recipe is super-easy. You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to pull this out. In fact, people of any age can make it (provided they fall in the legal age bracket).

Reason number two… the recipe takes around 4 hours. But you’d hardly be engaged for 15 mins. The remaining 3+ hours is the cooking time. Novice or no novice, the recipe doesn’t commit you in the kitchen for long.

Reason number three… you don’t need a reason to cook cannabis-infused recipes. Infusing-weed strains in any recipe have gotten traction recently. Desserts, confectionaries, cheat-meals, dinners— you don’t leave cbd out of the picture now.

Not sure if meth has any nutritional potency. But cannabis coconut oil does have.

I’ve no clue why Jesse and Walter sold meth. For all, I know the substance was banned. Maybe it didn’t hold nutritional potency as traditional drugs and gave heart-rush. So they had to play with fire and guns to sell meth batches.

But your hands are not tied with cannabis coconut oil. Two decades ago, you would have been in a similar situation as those duo-meth scientists. But medicinal cannabis is legal today. So you don’t have to fiddle around cops who can point guns at you for merely possessing a herb.

The algorithm is quite simple now. You get yourself cbd oil and start! That’s it: no moral policing, no threat lingering around. Excitingly, the therapeutic potency of cannabis and coconut oil is worth-noting.

You can never be sure if meth really benefited anyone. But cbd coconut oil does. So you’d want to have this worthy-addition to your kitchen’s recipe book. And that’s not the end. The flavor of cannabis coconut oil dishes out in front of you as a super-savory mixture.

So what’s the wait? Let’s cook some meth… I mean cannabis coconut oil!

This time around… I’m assuming you don’t have cannabis oil with you. So we’ll make it.

One of the easy ways to begin our cannabis-infused coconut oil recipe is by buying cannabis oil from the dispensaries or online stores. I am a big fan of cbd oils as they give a massive head start to any recipe, at least by 30 to 45 mins.

But in case you don’t have cannabis oil— we have to have some little bargains. Time is one of those. But it doesn’t take too much time to make your cannabis oil from the strain. So without further ado, let’s make our cannabis oil.

Wait! Before you pick the recipe— you have to decarboxylate your weed strain.

You might ask what on earth is decarb-whatever-late! I had the same reaction to hearing it for the first time. If I had to tell you what it’s, I’d say some unsexy things in life completely change the meaning of it. You don’t feel it’s necessary until you’ve goofed-up big time and continue to improve it.

Decarboxylation is that unsexy thing which is the most crucial step before cooking any cannabis-infused recipe, let alone cbd-infused coconut oil. But more often than not, many “experts” miss on this. Reason? I don’t know!

So decarb-whatever-late is like activating your strain to its full-strength. If you miss this step, you’re missing on a major effect. Without this: your cannabis is as useless as nipples on the breastplate.

Yeah, I know, I know! You would want to jump straight into cooking your strain, but that won’t get you results. Usually, raw weed strains are useless! Their taste and smell would stay raw; their effect would be as good as dead. Plus it wouldn’t be safe! You also don’t want to be wasting dust of marijuana strain, why would you let the entire strain disappear? So here’s what we do in decarboxylation.

Steps for decarboxylation

To be frank, decarboxylation takes time. But we can speed up the process with an oven. So for a quickie-quickie decarboxylation, please use the oven. Let’s start the process now:

  • Mince your cannabis strain: Cut the strain flat into as many pieces you can. The idea is to heat her in and out. Aww! Are you struggling to mince it? Use the god-damn hand grinder.
  • Preheat your oven at 220 F: Please! Don’t forget this. By the time you’ve minced and placed cannabis on the tray, the oven would get hot.
  • Put a parchment blanket on the tray: Those butter or parchment papers are non-sticky. We’ll use them as blankets on the tray so that our strain doesn’t stick. By the way, cannabis is too valuable to be lost on the tray.
  • Spread the minced strain: Slather the beauty on the tray. Don’t just keep it to yourself. Let the tray enjoy the cannabis touch.
  • Please put it in the oven: Heat the tray for 40-45 minutes. You’ve got to be shaking it thrice so that every point on the surface is heated. Sounds right? Great!

It’s natural to think of saving 40-45 minutes caused by decarboxylation. You would be asking why it is so important? Well… here’s what’s happening in the background:

So raw weed has THCA, an acidic version of THC. THCA is not equal to THC. In fact, THCA is a precursor to THC. By precursor, I mean, it’s THCA that puts THC into the picture.

You already know how recreational and psychoactive weed are. But they only show these properties when you have decarboxylated and activated THC. Heat breaks down thca into thc, the one you need to have a euphoric ride.

In case you forgot to decarb, it’s okay!

Although I recommended all the master-chefs to decarboxylate weed before the main recipe, chances are high you might miss the process some time. It’s absolutely okay to miss this.

Don’t believe you’ve missed everything if you have missed the decarb process altogether. Not everything is lost! That’s the good part about cannabis… the only difference would be: our recipe will take longer than usual. The longer cooking process will take care of the process, and you’ll finally have the desired effect.

How to make cannabis coconut oil— the main recipe is here.

We have talked a lot of this and a lot of that. Sorry, but decarboxylation was important. Had you not known it, you’d be committing the same mistakes I did in the past (for fifteen times). And once my non-decarbed weed sucked real bad. I had to brush four times that day. So you know why it was so important.

But yes! Your wait is over, and we’re finally answering your call. Let’s begin it then.



  • decarbed cannabis
  • 1 cup of coconut oil
  • sunflower lecithin
  • Cheesecloth

Step-by-step cannabis coconut oil— recipe 1. (Hard but concentrated)

#1 It begins with making your cannabis oil.

*There are three methods to extract cbd oil from cannabis: Solvent Extraction— The Rick Simpson Method, Olive Oil Extraction— Carrier Oil Method, CO2 Extraction— Advanced Extraction Method. For a more detailed guide on extraction, you’d like to go through this wonderfully written blog post. You’ll get concentrated and pure cbd with these extraction procedures. If you want full-spectrum cannabis coconut oil, hop onto recipe 2.*

#2 Mix a cup of coconut oil to the cannabis oil

*You can use any coconut oil as per your preference—Virgin or unrefined coconut oil, refined coconut oil, or mct coconut oil. Everything would do. Please don’t add more than the recommended dose. They may cause digestive distress, which you don’t want from cbd recipes.*

#3 Use sunflower lecithin as an emulsifier in the solution.

*This is purely my choice. It’s not compulsory for you. Cbd oil and coconut oil can’t stay with each other for long. Pretty much like Jesse and Walter. You need Gus to keep them together. Think of lecithin as Gus from the series.*

#4 Store it in a mason jar and enjoy it as a staple when it deems fit.

*You already know how cannabutter has been the skeleton of any recipe. The staple is the appropriate word for it. Cannabis coconut oil is a good staple alternative for cannabutter. Once you’re done with the recipe, try it as a staple on any recipe you want.*

Step-by-step cannabis coconut oil— recipe 2. (Easy but full-spectrum)

#1 This time around, we’ll directly use decarbed cannabis without having to convert it into the oil.

*Our end recipe would be full-spectrum cannabis coconut oil. The difference between full-spectrum and concentrated cbd oil is as big as 99 and 100. They look close but take real efforts to reach 100 from 99. Full-spectrum cannabis oil has all the cannabis components, including thc. Concentrated cbd oil, as mentioned, has the only cbd.*

#2 Put the minced cannabis in the mason jar.

*Place our decarbed cannabis into the mason jar. The idea is to air-tighten it. This will also prevent water from getting soaked into our buds when we heat it.*

#3 Add coconut oil and sunflower lecithin as above.

*Again, we will add a cup of coconut water and a tbsp of sunflower lecithin.*

#4 Pour cold water in a utensil. Place the closed jar in it. Heat!

*We want to boil our closed jar for 2 to 3 hours. Make sure the water doesn’t get into the jar. That’s why I’m asking you to air-tight it.*

#5 Strain through the cheesecloth.

*You can use a coffee filter too. When the liquid has poured, make the knot on cheesecloth and press it gently. We will be grabbing on to those last drops of cannabis. Please don’t squeeze it too tight. You might end up with cbd humus in your oil. We don’t want that impurity. You can use it in your backyard as an organic fertiliser.*

#6 Let the cannabis coconut oil cool. And voila! You’ve cracked the recipe.

*Let the weed-infused coconut oil cool down for a moment. You can store it in the fridge as well. Use it as a staple when guests have knocked your home.*

Heisenberg was obsessed with perfect meth. You’ve to be obsessed with your produce too! Here’s the factor that will help you be one.

  • Temperature control: Don’t heat your cannabis over 300 F. More heat is not equal to early preparation. It only means denaturing weed quality.
  • The cannabis strain: Right from the start to the end, the quality of cannabis-infused coconut oil depends on the strain you use. Also, the decarboxylation period varies between different strains. You have to play around specific temperatures for specific buds.
  • The product’s freshness: Again, the quality of your oil heavily relies on the freshness of the product. Strain, coconut oil, etc. everything has to be of top-notch quality

Cbd infused coconut oil works better on people with patience. No, I’m serious.

Now you know the recipe, so you want to overuse it. Trust me! That’s not getting you to any place. More cannabis coconut oils concentrate wouldn’t warranty healthy effects on your body.

Because they’ve varying effects on different people, but people who show patience have the best result. It’s not rocket science though. You’ve to wait for its effect to show up.

Start with a minimal dose. See how it reacts in the next two hours. If it doesn’t work out, you may like to increase it. Sounds good? Brilliant! For precise dosage, you might have to check it with your doctor.

So, did you make it?

I’m assuming you’ve slain the recipe with your experimenting head. Let me know how you find this quick-fix cannabis coconut oil recipe. Just in case you want to drop your valuable suggestions, we have a comment section below.

So what’re you waiting for? Let the recipe come.

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