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How To Make Cannabis Coffee?



Cannabis Coffee with Donut and Cannabis Leaf On Coffee Beans

Old are the times when humanity just ran on coffee. It runs on cannabis coffee now! Yeah, it’s hard to believe, but it’s the synonym of focus and concentration.

Interestingly, I don’t use the phrase ‘wake up and smell the coffee’ anymore. It’s ‘wake up and smell the cannabis coffee,’ because nothing wakes up your sleeping heart rate and blood pressure like cannabis-infused coffee.

The blend of two alerting elements in the recipe is just beyond replacement.

Yeah, we all know how effective coffee and cannabis have been in alerting minds when work is getting laborious and dull. But many experience coffee jitters. And that kills the purpose of having coffee in the first place. It’s like your mood heightening up as a mountain and tumbling like a deck of cards in a fraction of second.

But imagine both of them coming together? Like the best crossover. It will be an absolute carnage on your sluggish brain. And no more coffee jitters. If the impact of coffee is dead— so what— you have weed in your system to do the job!

Marijuana coffee is not just about alerting but relaxing too.

You must be having coffee at daytimes or noon to knock off lethargy, or sometimes even during the evening’s munches! But having it at night time can give you restlessness nine out of ten times.

Fortunately, our marijuana has both the effects— alerting and calming. You know you only have to pull a sativa strain out of your pocket to feel energetic and focused on your work. Similarly, indica strains are brilliant for calming your brain, mainly before midnight. So both the marijuana strains have certain purposes.

Cannabis Coffee With Coffee Beans

Your cannabis coffee recipe should depend on the objective you’re trying to reach with it. So know if you’re trying to calm off your brain or activate the brain cells— our cannabis strain type will change.

Begin with decarboxylating your weed strain

It is the holy prayer of most of the weed recipes. I mean… you can’t begin any recipe without it. It’s the ‘must-step’ of any cannabis recipe for giving you the needed-high.

You must be wondering why we need to decarboxylate it. Here’s the truth— every time you smoke a joint— you decarboxylate the weed. So you’re already carrying out the ‘scientific process’ whether you know it or not.

When the heat reaches your cannabis strain, it breaks down THCa, the acidic THC, into tetrahydrocannabinol. Remember every time you smoke; you feel a psychic hit? It’s a wonder by decarboxylation. No decarboxylation, no hit!

Well, that’s because heat activates the psychoactive compound of the herb. But as you know— we are not always smoking or vaping. We use weeds in the recipes too. And if you want its same effect in your cooked meal— decarboxylation is a must.

Now you’ll ask why can’t you chew on weed. Well, you can! You absolutely can! But that’s not having any effect on you— not the kind that we’re looking for. The raw strain does taste earthy and aromatic, but it won’t have the desired impact on your brain.

How to decarboxylate cannabis strain for weed coffee recipe

  • Hold your cannabis strain and grind it in small pieces. Well, a grinder should do the job. We break them down into small pieces as we want to heat its surface evenly so that every ounce is worth the hit.
  • Place the baking sheet on a tray and put all the minced strain on it. We’re placing the baking sheet because we want to prevent our strain from sticking to our pan.
  • Put the tray inside the oven and heat it at 105 degrees celsius. You might have to heat the herb for at least 45 minutes to reach the ideal decarboxylation.
  • If you can’t wait to have the recipe ready, you can quicken the decarboxylation process by 15 minutes. Adjust your temperature to 120 degrees, and you’re there.
  • Finally, pull out the activated weed and use it in the recipe.

Now that we are done with decarboxylating your favorite weed strain— we’ll quickly find out the weed coffee recipe.

How to make weed coffee

So our holy prayer looking decarboxylation is over, and we’ll finally cook a weed coffee. Before we start it, here are some key details:

  • The total preparation time that you’ll take: 10 mins. It means you’ll be spending 10 mins in the kitchen.
  • The total cooking time that the weed recipe will take: 40 mins. It means you’ll be out of the kitchen, but the recipe will take 40 mins to cook.
  • The total weed coffee serving is 4. As an industrial standard— it is 6 ounces a cup.
  • The weed coffee will hardly cost you $3. If you want to sell, you know the price you want to fix.

Cannabis Infused Coffee PowderThe ingredients

  • 2 grams of decarboxylated weed
  • 4 cups of water
  • Two teaspoons of butter
  • Coffee grounds

The equipment

  • Coffee maker
  • Medium pot (2 quarts)
  • Large bowl
  • Spoon for mixing
  • Cheesecloth for fine meshing
  • Any flavor for additions such as milk, cream, sugar, or honey

The instructions

Step #1: Add water in the pot, set it at a medium heat temperature, and reach the full or rolling boil.

*You must be thinking what a roiling boil is. And what medium is the right medium? Well, rolling or roiling boil takes place at 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees celsius. It’s when water will have a lot of bubbles rolling up. Please note that it is not the same as simmering.*

Step #2: Toss all your decarboxylated-grinded cannabis in the water and mix the butter.

*The idea of adding butter into the cannabis coffee is to avoid the blood sugar crash. In reality, butter slows your digestion. So when you have weed coffee, it will absorb slowly in your body and give a long-lasting effect. *

Step #3: Lower down the overall heat and manage the temperature for at least 40 mins. Remember the cooking time? It is cooking time. Give the mixture occasion stirs.

*We are reducing the temperature because we don’t want to lose our mixture.*

Step #4: Take off the pot and pour the solution in a coffee maker. Oh yes, don’t forget to put the cheesecloth to strain the mixture.

*Cheesecloth is cotton. If you don’t have it to strain, you can pick any other cotton fabric for the job. Substitute it with a pillowcase, sack towel, jelly bag, or cloth napkin. Press the cannabis with your finger and extract the most out of it. We don’t want to let go off any ounce of the lovely juice.*

Step #5: Now, you have the cannabis water in hand. Turn on the machine and wait for the brew cycle to complete.

*Since most coffee makers wouldn’t let you change the temperature settings, you only have control over the grind size. By changing the size of grind blades, you can influence the taste of coffee significantly.*

Step #6: Adjust the number of coffee grounds for the strength of the coffee.

*Coffee makers do give you a chance to regulate the strength of weed coffee. While the default setting is enough for our cannabis coffee recipe, you can still adjust the settings and change the amount of coffee to have a weaker or stronger beverage.*

Step #7: Brew for three to five minutes and our cannabis coffee is ready.

*You must be thinking how long you should brew the mixture. Well, three to five minutes should be enough. When water drips through the coffee grounds, you’ve reached the final form of the recipe.*

Step #8: Pour the weed coffee in the coffee mug and use the flavor of your likable preference. Enjoy the servings.

*You may add milk or cream or sugar to enjoy your morning supper or evening snack.*

Additional step: Do you remember we made the cannabis juice and poured it in the coffee maker? If you’re not making coffee at this point in time, you can store or refrigerate the juice for future use. You need not hurriedly use it for the sake of using it. Cannabis juice is easily storable.

Telling you the top-secret— how it affects your body.

Well, you would want to have the answer, thinking how will it affect your body & when will it start acting? We’ll be very frank with you. We don’t have substantial data on this.

So far, the studies say the onset time of coffee and cannabis vary within different bodies. Its effect may kick in your body in 30 mins, and your friend may feel its action after an hour.

The same is the story with cannabis coffee. One mug can relax you like a man coming out of a massage parlor, or it can also stimulate your brain strongly. The effect is so dicey that we can’t have an objective answer for this.

Now you’d ask what’s the secret. Well, the secret is— you can overdose coffee and cannabis both. If you aren’t watchful and don’t know how much your body needs— you might feel an over-effect.

I am sure you’d like to refrain from it. I mean, who would want to get a couch-locked while working with a ruthless boss? So our two-bit of advice is: sip it in a limited quantity initially and watch it react on your body.

Hold up your patience and wait for it to take effect. Don’t go forward until you feel that substantial time has passed, and you’re not getting the desirable effect. It will eventually start working once you reach a threshold limit.

Another secret— the ideal time for having weed coffee

Again, it’s not a science. What works for you works for you! We can’t dictate when and where weed coffee works the best. But some ambitious studies are trying to find out the accurate time for having it.

Ask yourself: when do you have general coffee? Maybe two to three hours after waking up. Right? It is what you have to replicate with weed coffee. Our bodies have the highest cortisol level in the morning.

Having weed coffee around 9 to 11 am (assuming your work starts at 10) should sail your day’s boat at least until the cortisol level shoots up again after lunch. For the additional boost after lunch, you can guzzle up another standard serving between 1 pm to 4 pm. This should seize the day for you.

I know you are excited but don’t just jump on it. Look for the local legalities.

Who wouldn’t be excited to have weed coffee when they have everything at their disposal? But having weed at disposal may not necessarily mean you’re the rightful owner of it— at least not in the government’s eyes.

Because cannabis and laws— they are still not the best of the friends. Though the recent Farm Bill of 2018 legalizes cannabis at the federal level, the state laws are vague and don’t necessarily allow you to possess it.

Man Making Cannabis Coffee

I mean, some states may respect your libertarian right of owning marijuana strains, others might charge you for a felony or minor misdoing. So you want to be a little extra cautious while preparing any weed recipe, not just this one.

We believe the loopholes in the laws are deliberately left. You’re not a criminal until you’re caught. Any weed strain over 0.03% of THC is a misdemeanor, and you’d like to go for the strains that don’t push you behind bars. But since you’re reading this, we just hope that you’re in the legal boundaries of both state and federal-level laws.

The final argument— sipping the best coffee of life

If coffee has been your favorite beverage and weeds your favorite herb— you know the recipe to merge them and get the most out of both.

It’s obvious that you can’t have this merger at the workplace. Don’t worry! We have a solution for this. You can yield the cannabis juice and carry it with yourself! Use your bosses’ coffee maker and carpe diem. But yes, be cautious— sharing it with your sluggish boss will activate him. Who knows, you’ll have to work extra hours!

Finally, I would like to know if this recipe helped you or not, or if I missed any vital portion. Your valuable insight is the key to our recipes. Don’t forget to share the vital piece within your social network— you know your friends need cannabis coffee’s support as much as you do— don’t you? See you in the next post!

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