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How to Make Cannabis Sugar?



Cannabis Sugar Cubes and Spoon
White sugar on wooden boards

Not many people approve of sugar, including me. Fitness freaks call it a sociopath. Now you would say, “what!!! A sociopath? That too a non-living object like sugar?”

Well, yes! I had a similar reaction. But let me tell you. They are not wrong! Afterall, sugar acts sweet but poisons each one of us steadily.

So what do we do? Should we not have it at all? Let’s cut it down from our diet? No No, wait a second. Why not ban it? Banning things is our authorities favorite pastime. Isn’t it?

Sorry for the lame joke! But we’re not radicals. I’m not too fond of the idea of cutting down things from life when there are alternatives to adjust our needs. We are in the science world. Right? There are smarter ways to have sugar. If you’re on the same page as mine and are looking for an alternative to sugar, continue reading.

Making sociopath less poisonous with cannabis

You must already be wondering, how are we going to do it? Sugar is sugar! How can we make it less sociopath and less poisoning? But we have an idea that many may not know. And that is, making our sugar at home with cannabis. We call it cannabis sugar.

And yes! It’s absolutely a DIY recipe. So when you don’t like your health hindered with inorganic sugar, canna sugar will bail you out of the eating dilemma—not feeling convinced yet? Don’t worry! Our solid reasons will make you love cannabis sugar automatically, and there will be absolutely nothing that you could do about it.

  • Cannabis sugar is a top option because this guy is extremely healthy. Rather way healthier than traditional sugar you’ve been taking. It may heal inflammation and de-stress your mental health.
  • Like canna-butter and cannabis oil, marijuana sugar can act as a staple ingredient. So you can add it in any recipe you want. Ice-cream, waffles, or even beverages, everything will rest on your versatility and experiments from thereon.
  • It’s damn rich in cbd. Yes! Our very own potent hemp component. If you have cannabis sugar, you won’t necessarily need canna-butter or canna-oil. And for double effect, you can have both together.
  • And last but not least. It’s tasty. Sugary. And healthy! What in this world is tasty and healthy at the same time? Hardly anything. Weed sugar is one of them. You can use weed-infused sugar in any recipe, or even steal a spoon or two whenever in the mood.

Now that you have a good number of reasons to cook cannabis sugar at home, what are you waiting for? C’mon! Let’s get into our kitchens and start making them.

But… cannabis sugar has a huge catch! You may not like it, especially when you hate spending hours in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, it’s not a two-mins recipe. If you’re short of patience, you’re short of pure cannabis sugar. So promise me that you’ll enter into the kitchen determined. Alright? Making sugar is science and part art. Here’s why it’ll take time.

Canna Sugar Cubes Besides Wooden Spoon

  • We’ll first decarboxylate marijuana buds. It’s a crucial step. In fact, the most important of all. Technically, an okayish-okayish decarboxylation takes place in 30 to 45 minutes. But if you’re looking for better results, we’ll suggest you keep it going for two to three hours. It’s full-decarboxylation.
  • And second, we’ll make cannabis tincture alcohol because cannabis-infused sugar is impossible without this dude! It can take days if we’re making concentrated cbd tincture.

Why should you take all the troubles? Isn’t decarboxylation a tedious task?

Honestly, if you skip these processes, we’ll not have what we’re looking for! We decarboxylate cannabis buds because we want the most out of our herbs. It’s a scientific process that you may have conducted. Don’t trust my words?

If you’re a weed smoker, congratulations. You’ve already decarboxylated your marijuana bud in the past, and you didn’t know about it. Generally, raw cannabis bud does not have any effect! So if you chew it without burning— good luck wishing high, you won’t have it.

But when you light it up, that’s when the bud makes marijuana what it is. That is a psychotropic substance. Now you may ask why does this happen? Cannabis buds don’t have cbd and thc in raw form. They have acidic versions of cbd and thc that are not high-giving components.

But heating up breaks down these acidic compounds and activates cbd and thc for our use. Skipping this process will leave us ineffective herb components. And it will not justify our canna sugar recipe.

How to decarboxylate cannabis strain for weed coffee recipe

Grind your cannabis strain into fine pieces. If you’re worried about how to grind— get yourself a hand grinder. The idea of grinding is to heat every point in the cannabis surface.

Take a tray and put parchment paper on it. Put all our minced cannabis buds on it. We’re using paper because we want to avoid our buds from sticking on the tray.

Place it inside the oven and regulate its temperature around 105 degrees celsius of 221 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep up the process for at least 45 minutes. Remember the okayish-okayish decarboxylated bud? That’s what you’ll get with a 45 mins roast.

For a quicker process, increase the temperature by 15 degrees celsius. You might save 15-20 minutes doing it. For even heating, make sure you stir these buds occasionally. And for quality decarboxylation, follow the lengthier process of 2 hours.

Finally, pull out the activated buds and use them for making cannabis tinctures.

And what about cannabis tinctures? Gosh! This is getting boring.

We’re making cannabis tinctures out of the decarboxylated cannabis buds. Since you’re curious why we’re making cannabis tincture, here’s the answer. Ask yourself, can you stir cannabis buds in sugar? Especially when they’re in concrete forms? Definitely not.

There’s got to be other ways to add cannabis to sugar. Cannabis tincture is one of the syrupy ways to turn regular sugar into weed sugar. To extract cannabis tincture, you’ll need to follow an alcohol extraction method.

Alcohol is the solvent. We mix our cannabis bud with alcohol and let the solution evaporate. The solvent binds with the other non-necessary components of the weed and sweeps them away, leaving the cbd residue in the bowl. The final outcome of the process will give us pure weed tincture that can be mixed with sugar.

And yes, make sure that you’re playing well around alcohol while extracting cbd tinctures. Alcohol is extremely volatile. They don’t like to sit in vessels for long. Either way, they’ll find ways to evaporate. Heating it directly or not paying attention while heating it can be dangerous.

I strongly believe in naturalism. Let nature take its course. Allow the alcohol to disappear naturally, even if it costs you time. This may take some time, maybe even a few days, you never know. But every second will be worth the wait for the kind of sugary crystal you’ll have in the end.

How to make canna sugar— canna sugar recipe in your hand

Uff! We are done with the hard parts. These steps are mere formalities. No. Not formality. It’s a harsh word! But you get the gist that the following steps will not be as challenging as decarboxylating or making cannabis tinctures. So let’s quickly get these jobs done.

The ingredients

  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 cup home-made cannabis tincture
  • 1 tablespoon citric acid

The equipment

  • Oven
  • Baking tray
  • Whisk or a mixing spoon

The instructions

Step #1: Place a baking tray on your kitchen shelf and slather two cups of granulated sugar on it.

*Make sure that you spread it evenly. And you might feel tempted to use caster sugar. As far as the experiment is concerned, more power to you. But we recommend coarser and large crystals of sugar because they’ll absorb our cannabis tincture better than the powdery caster sugar particles.*

Step #2: We will use our home-made cannabis tincture here, the one we discussed above. Pour this cup of tincture on sugar.

*Whisk the mixture slowly and evenly. Try that the cannabis tincture reaches all the sugar crystals. You don’t want to be missing the touch of cannabis on any crystal. Or do you?*

Step #3: Add citric acid in the mixture. Whisk it the way you did it with cannabis tinctures and granular sugar.

*In case you think if citric acid is necessary for this mixture, let me tell you. No. It’s not essential! It’s optional, and you can avoid it. I recommend it because its acidic and sour nature not only add flavor to our sugar but also stabilize and preserve it. Want cannabis sugar to last long? Looking to store it? Citric acid will preserve your efforts, the days that you put in making this tiring recipe.*

Step #4: Preheat your oven at 200 degrees celsius and place the cannabis tray inside it. Continue reading. An important note is coming.

*Here’s the most important note of all. Don’t shut the oven. Don’t even think of doing it. Remember how we made our cannabis tincture? Our tincture may have alcohol residues that may not appear from our naked eyes. And they’re inflammable, as mentioned. Keeping the doors open will evaporate all the alcohol in the sugar. And more importantly, everything will be in the radar of our sight, and the mixture will have the necessary ventilation.*

How to Make Canna Sugar

Step #5: Mix the solution every 15-20 minutes.

*Don’t forget to keep the ventilation on. The fumes of alcohol need to go out. They’re not going to hold back. If you have an exhaust fan behind the oven, it’s even better for ventilation. You don’t want to inhale these fumes; they’re not good for health.*

Step #6: Heat the mixture for 2 to 2½ hours. That means, stir the solution at least ten times to have even texture across.

*Thinking when to stop? When the sugar looks consistent across the tray, that’s the time you need to pull out the tray. Usually, it’ll form a consistent texture in a couple of hours, and that should seal the recipe for you.*

Step #7: And you’re done! Weed infused sugar is ready!

*Sugar will take the light-golden color. That’s when it’s ready to be used.*

Storing cannabis sugar for future use

Cannabis and sugar don’t like four things— light, air, moisture, and heat! I mean they’re not the best of the friends. We’ve made weed sugar so that we can use it in future with other recipes.

That said, storage gets mandatory. Different types of containers will preserve the quality of our long-done efforts. Selecting them should be based on your objective you’re looking to accomplish. Here’re some of the jar types:

  • Silicon jars for short-term storage.
  • Plastic jars for short-term storage.
  • Parchment paper for short to medium-term storage.
  • Mason or glass jars for long-term storage.

Cannabis sugar >>> canna-butter or any other staple cannabis-infused recipe?

Why should you use cannabis sugar when there are staple cannabis-infused recipes such as canna-butter and canna-oil? Well, here are the two most important reasons of all.

  • Discretion: What if you’re in the office and have a coffee break? Or while you’re travelling on a train or flight? You can’t carry canna-butters and oils everywhere. But if discretion is your concern, weed sugar is what you want in your pocket. Toss some sugar in your beverage and get the job done.
  • Dosing: Cannabis sugar gives you a good idea on dosage with each batch that you prepare. The calculated dose will keep your tolerance level in check, and you may never over or under-dose.

Learning the legalities in your region

The love between cannabis and you can be two-sided, but unfortunately, it has to be three-sided. What do I mean by three-sided? Well, loving marijuana is not enough! Your love has nothing to do with the love of the authorities. If they hate it, sorry, you can’t use it.

In the States, Marijuana is legalized at the federal level, but the state authorities may not approve of it. That’s what I meant by three-sided. If you and the federal government love it, and the state government doesn’t— you’re still committing a crime.

If all three of you share the same opinion on weed, that is, if you all give the nod to it— you can use it without facing any troubles. But yeah, make sure your cannabis strain has thc less than 0.03%. Thc is a psychotropic substance which many states don’t approve of. So be a little careful while selecting your marijuana strain.

The conclusive argument about a lesser sociopath sugar

While marijuana sugars are good, you can give lovely shapes to these sweet-carbs using baking moulds. Use the tray with holes or different moulds and give your favorite shapes to the sugar.

Cannabis Sugar in Bottle

Once they’re ready, toss up the necessary numbers of cubes and see how it reacts with your body. Increase or decrease it depending on how it interacts with your body. Okay? Make sure you’re not over-doing it at one go. Keep it slow and tight. Observe how it behaves with your body, and enhance your dose accordingly!

So it’s time that I take your leave. I would appreciate your valuable insight into the recipe. Poke me if I missed something in the recipe. Your feedback runs me. Do share the piece among your social network and let your close acquaintances enjoy the might of cannabis sugar.


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